failure to fire

Just when you thought R.I.P. Ammunition was the scariest ammo ever:


Failure-To-Fire-WebcomicFrom the guys over at Failure To Fire.  Good stuff.

I hope 2014 is the year of one-upmanship with regard to who can make the most retarded ammunition / ammunition marketing campaign.  That would be entertaining to watch.


A great new webcomic about guns.

The comic follows a 29 year old guy named Mick who works at a gun store in Texas.  He’s got problems with girls, crazy customers, his boss, and his love of guns… all of which play out in a funny way in the comics.

The fist comic went up September 3rd 2012, and has been going strong Monday to Friday every day since!  I sure hope they don’t lose their momentum any time soon.

I figured I would put up an example of the humor you’ll find in the comic.  This one is called Working In Retail Is Like Working In Hell:

Head over to the Failure To Fire site, add it to your bookmarks or do like I did and subscribe to their RSS feed.


Hat tip: Dallas