Ooooooooooh yeah:

hahah awesome.  As most of you probably know, I’m a fan of luxury watches and wear a Rolex Submariner daily #FakeWatchBustaCantBustMe.  I’ve been following FakeWatchBusta for a while now.  SouljaBoy recently got butthurt and banned me from his IG page for talking shit about his fakes, so that was cool… I feel honored.  Dan Bilzerian and Richard Ryan of course are Must-follows for obvious reasons.

Richard-Ryan-FakeWatchBusta-Dan-BilzerianDan should up the ante in a sequel video by copping an authentic watch from an Authorized dealer, and then let Richard blow it up with det cord. That would be a strong disposable income flex right there. Not like Dan doesn’t already do that 1000x a week anyway, but hey.