fan cooled

Behold the newest in operational tools for cool operators who operate in operations:



The COOL MAG from SUNPOWER SYSTEMS is a totally new and innovative way to air cool your rifle. Utilizing a 12v 30 CFM fan powered by two 9v batteries to push 18v through the fan.
The system is actuated buy a roller micro switch when the COOL MAG is put into the lower receiver.
The COOL MAG blows air throughout the rifle cooling the upper and lower, the bolt and the barrel.
Made from a Tapco mag this custom design is painstakingly made by hand with an aluminum plate fitted to hold the micro witch.
Yes the fan is big but we took function over aesthetics, do you want to look cool or be cool.

For the low price of $109 on eBay. Looks legit! haha

It’s your lucky day, the company will fit this system to ANY mag you want to send them.  According to the eBay page the custom cool mags take 3-4 weeks to make.  Wow, think of all the backorders and custom jobs they are going to have once the entire gun world knows this is available.

xzibit-cool-magAnyone buying computer fans and trying this themselves?

The science behind this is so solid, I bet even on automatic an ar-15 would stay at a cool 50 F under sustained auto fire from back to back mag dumps.


Hat Tip: Mark