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Good stuff!  I saw Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom on the weekend (and actually the Mission Impossible: Fallout too, since it was so damn hot here), both really entertaining movies I’d recommend seeing. The trailers for THE MEG and for VENOM looked great, I really am looking forward to seeing both.

If you want to know more about any of the actors, you can check the links in the YouTube video description.


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This is creepy / amazing:

Behind the scenes:

wolfensteinWow Pwnisher definitely puts a lot of time (and likely money) into his vids, and it shows.  The camera work, acting, and locations are great.  Sure there were discrepancies like the blue sky when it was absolutely pouring rain, but hey pretty amazing all in all.

haha @ those Plasma touch globes on that one guy’s backpack.

I mentioned in the last post, make sure to check out his Cardboard Warfare series of videos also.

Chase from the Facebook comments put me onto the fact there’s a new Wolfenstein video game coming out.  Click the link to check the trailer… it looks pretty crazy.



A Left 4 Dead fan film:

This is in case you need your zombie shooting fix before The Walking Dead starts up again on October 14th.

I’ve never played Left 4 Dead, but it apparently got “game of the year” so it must be legit.  Left 4 Dead 2 is out as well… but I have no word on how well the above fan film follows the story line of the games.

It’s pretty amazing how well done these fan films are now.  The last really awesome one I remember seeing was the Punisher one.


This is so epic… good choice of actors too:

Thug: U like breathing?
Punisher: Usually


Hat tip: Nathan, Kevin, Scott


This is really well done:

I don’t know much about portal, so answer this for me…  How come that awesome portal gun was inside that wall in her cell?  How did it get there, and why was she waiting so long to use it?

Also, that ending made no sense to me.  haha

Hat tip: Kevin W.