Combining my primary interests… girls, guns, and fashion (in no particular order of importance):

I don’t know what I want more… a model or a Magpul Ronin bike.  When in doubt, choose both!

Interesting choices of location and setting… really a “high fashion” type feel, unlike the tactical operators who operate in operations feel these calendars normally have.

2:30 – Flag dress?  That’s bound to piss some people off.

2:35 – Smearing some tactical Vaseline on some glass to shoot a hipster style photo oldschool-like.  Post production please… photog girl keeps it mad real.

2:57 – That shirt pattern is commonly known as “model repellent”

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOThe calendar looks promising, I’ll say that much.  I hope they come out with some sweet computer desktop wallpaper.  Looks like Magpul has good taste in girls;  Would operate with.

You can pre-order the calendar for $17 if you own an empty wall or work at a workplace where you want to introduce some sexual-harassment style tension to make the women insecure and give HR something to bitch about.



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Return of the military inspired fashion blog:


I thought I had better things to do than update MILcentric for a few months, but now it’s back!  There are 6 new posts up since the hiatus.

I know a lot of you guys have no interest in menswear / fashion, but I do and it consumes a lot of my thoughts, money, and time.  Regardless of whether you share the same passion, you might find what I write in the posts worth a laugh or two.

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I saw a pattern, so I threw these photoshops together:

Louis Vuitton Larry Vickers:

Coco Chanel Chris Costa:

YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Buck Yeager:

Oh the things I do to amuse myself.

If you found this post funny, you might like my military inspired fashion blog MILcentric.

No these designs won’t be coming out on t-shirts :P



A new blog I started recently:

Hopefully some of you that visit and enjoy ENDO will be interested in the content over there as well!  The post you see at the top is a welcome post but there are a few posts with actual content below it.

As the name and tag line suggest, it will be for all things military inspired… with a heavy lean toward fashion.

Thanks for all the support guys, and I hope to have at least some of you reading and commenting over there!  If nothing else, i’m sure a lot of you will appreciate the military styling cues I put into the blog design and logo.

A new take on a popular classic:

I decided to run a non-distressed version this time around.  All sizes are currently in stock over at ENDO Apparel with FREE shipping to the US and Canada as usual.

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Everyday No Days Off

I like when I can sneak music or fashion into this blog:

Apparently an integral part of his look is also terrible trigger discipline in pictures. :P

Thoughts?  How many of your model your style after Bond? If so, which one?

P.S. – Skyfall comes out in theaters November 9th!