100 MPH fast ball cut in half:

Isao Machii is the sword lord.  He holds a number of Guinness world records for sword related stunts.  There’s a slow motion shot at the end of the video (2:11).

its-tape-katana-memeIt would be cool to see him do something bullet related… like hit a bullet in mid flight with a frying pan or something.  That’s probably above his skill level, and also way more dangerous.  100 MPH is only 147 ft/sec, whereas a 115 gr. 9mm bullet flies at around 1300 ft/sec (faster than the speed of sound – 1125 ft/sec).  With anything though I’m sure if even a beginner grabbed a katana and did this 100 times in a row, he/she would probably be able to slice the baseball at least once if they had the timing figured out judging by the whoosh sound.

Remember this Katana unboxing?  Probably the greatest unboxing video ever made.


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