Fate Of Destinee doesn’t:

0:30 – “Some of the guns and methods I use for concealed carry will never be published to YouTube.”

There are only so many places you can hide a gun… I don’t think you’re really leaving much to the imagination Destinee.  Unless we’re talking some ultra-advanced tier 1 operator type deep concealment.

Keep Calm And Carry One T-ShirtMy Thought… none of anyone’s business if and what you’re carrying.  I quit trying to convince people my point of view on gun related topics years ago… not a single was given over here.

Do you tell everyone?


A new series the lovely FateOfDestinee is doing:

39 seconds was kind of short… but it guess it was true to the name “Quick hits”.  I’d like to see her go on a bit more of a rant in a future quick hit and really stick it to the recipient.

5.56x45mm T-ShirtDestinee is wearing the 5.56x45mm t-shirt from ENDO.  Like the Assault Weapons Ban t-shirt, this particular one will also be fully stocked up within the next couple days so stay tuned.


The two take a look at the irrational fear of firearms:

On paper I like the idea of “trying to convert people”, but the amount of fucks I give about what other people think, lately has been at an all time low.  If someone likes guns cool, I’ll have a conversation on gun related topics if they’re up for one… on the other hand if someone dislikes guns and wants to try and educate me with all their “facts” which I’ve heard a million times and have rebuttals for every single one of them, sorry but I’ll pass.  I’ve been down that road too many times, and didn’t see any benefit come from it.  Your milage may vary…

Thoughts?  Have you converted people to our side, or do you avoid those conversations?

MrColionNoir is wearing the Keep Calm And Carry One T-shirt from ENDO.  I know it’s redundant saying he did a good job (because he always does), but I’ll say it again anyway… he did a good job.

FateOfDestinee-MrColionNoirI’ve posted some of FateOfDestinee‘s videos in the past.  Her videos are a lot different from other gun related YouTube channels, in a good way… make sure to check her out.  For one, she’s incredibly laid back which makes he videos relaxing to watch.. in addition she’s also very comfortable behind the camera (no Buck Yeager shoulder rolls and shirt pulls here).  A great asset to the gun community as a whole, and a good way introduce a girl in your life to firearms.


FateOfDestinee goes in on the negative attitudes from male shooters:

She’s pretty pissed off.  Girls have to deal with so much bullshit we don’t have to deal with as guys.

I like her approach in the video… kinda a MrColionNoir type delivery going on.  Really clean look… killin’ it with that white background.

With most of her complaints I have to say it’s pretty much “welcome to being a girl… enjoy your life”.  I’m not saying it should happen, but the truth is it will happen because she is not a dude and she’s into a male dominated hobby.