OH damn!¬† haha I wonder what song was on ūü§Ē;¬†that’s what I want to be investigated:

Whomst FBI MANS IS THIS? ūüėāūüė≠¬† I don’t know anyone who works for the FBI, but in my mind they are all low-key suave dudes like Mulder off X-Files.¬† I guess they can be “hey everyone look at me” types as well though.¬† At least the person who got shot, only was shot in the leg… hopefully no long term damage but you never know.

I’m assuming the music in there was loud, which prevented a lot of the people from even realizing what happened… but there was basically only one guy (shorts / black & white hat) who chose to get the hell out of there.

Naturally the YouTube comments gold.¬† I especially like this one – “He had his gun cocked and ready to fire in his pants?!??!” -Gjergj Camaj

I commented “hE sHuL hAv Had A SeRpA HosLsteR” on the post… waiting to see how that goes over.


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FBI gets in on it, full operator face blur in effect:

They did a nice job, but it’s bullshit they didn’t use the Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles track everyone else on earth used for the challenge. ¬†Maybe they requested licensing, but¬†Rae Sremmurd saw FBI and thought someone was playing a joke so they deleted the email.


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0:38 РThat gold P08.  Someone is fancy.

1:00 – Someone educate me on why finding out if that the firearm in the burned out vehicle was so important, considering it happened overseas? ¬†Should I be assuming the overseas police have people in custody pending the results? ¬†Don’t fingerprints get burned off… how would they tie it to a particular person? ¬†Unless there’s registration there, they are the worst criminals ever and used their own gun (ha). ¬†So many unanswered questions.



Former cop talking about police impersonation, Hollywood gimmicks, etc..:

Spoiler Alert: He says YES to the crop top, no to the Tactical T-Rex.

He probably knows more than I know about the “Impersonating a police officer topic”. ¬†I always just stayed away from shirts that said POLICE on them because I didn’t want people to think I was a NARC and get my ass kicked. ¬†I did make my parents buy me an FBI hat the first time a long time ago when we were on summer holidays. ¬†I wore it around for a while, but no one though I was in the FBI because I was like 11 so it was cool. ¬†I don’t know if it’s a great idea to even semi-impersonate a police officer in an active shooter type situation though. ¬†It’s not like the police are going to see you in your BAD BITCH mesh belly shirt with “POLICE” written on it and be like… “HE’S GOOD. ¬†He’s one of us. CLEAR!” ¬†Will they?

American-Apparel-Mesh-ShirtI agree with all his criticism of the Tactical T-Rex.  His horse in the background agrees also.


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Assault hammers and standard capacity clubs kill more people per year than rifles.

I know I talked about this in the past, but Brietbart brought it up again.

You can check out the FBI crime stats – HERE

Sure the “Other¬†guns or¬†type not¬†stated” numbers might add to the rifles column… but if it wasn’t a rifle, shotgun, or handgun what could the “other” be? ¬†Zip guns I guess… or punt guns… I’m sure there are lots of punt gun murders daily, those things are killing machines.

This is all using the same unbiased FBI crime stats that advanced v-neck guy talked about a couple days ago.



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There is so much bad information in this video:

When O’Reilly got worked up the first time, I was just wishing that guy he was talking to was going to say “U MAD hahha that would have been priceless.

60,000 rounds LOLOL OMG…


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