Fidget Spinner

EOtech doesn’t have a worry in the world.  This new post-recall chill EOtech released a fidget spinner:

In two colors guys!  $6.95 on their website.

I still think my go-to autism suppression device is the ARFCOM AR-15 bolt face spinner.  That would definitely get my clout up more than this rebranded generic one.

Thoughts?  Are you pissed off that companies are thinking these things are “trendy”, when in reality they are meant to help people?

Wow, the fidget spinner situation on Amazon is intense.  What a race to the bottom.

Gat tip: @terrythetali

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JohnnyIShootStuff made a video:

I saw a meme of this a while back, but it was in bad taste (school shooting related) so I I didn’t post it.

The fidget spinner craze seems to have died down a bit.  Hope it’s gone entirely soon.  Ugh remember when ARFCOM made the AR-15 bolt face one pictured left?