field strip

Train like you… feet:

Amazing!  He even puts a few round into the magazine.

I’m not sure why the video is 🥔80p quality, but here we are.


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I’m super busy with programming projects (for sites I haven’t released yet), and the usual ENDO Apparel grind.  I noticed the Disneyland jokes you guys normally make, aren’t happening this time 🤔😂, likely because you know I’m not dumb enough to go to a place like that when Corona virus is still going on.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is epic:

? Fieldstrip finesse is EVERYTHING ???? Gat tip: @sketchydr

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ROFL that sprinkle.  For those of you that don’t get the joke…. this dude has been sliding around the internet the past couple weeks:




TheAKGuy-ENDOPFFFFT and he calls himself “THE AK GUY” :P  I was expecting 6 seconds.

Cool party trick, but it’s more impressive when you hang upside down in the dark.



Ban assault rifles!  Just kidding… bless this girl’s heart:

This is actually relevant to my interests in more ways than one.  I hate cleaning my guns, and I like the look of her.

She has a Glock cleaning video I posted about a long time ago.

Ashley-EyehandyCue the comments like “She’s too skinny!”, “She has a freckle on her hand I don’t like” hahah there’s always some like that…


Hat tip: Jon


Because numbers, colors, animals, and the alphabet are for wimps:

Cutest voice ever.  Best memory type game I’ve seen played with a kid yet.

Speaking of kids, i’ll be a pseudo uncle in a few days once my girlfriend’s brother’s kid is born.  Pretty excited to see him; they are naming him Ashton. Fun fact: They were originally spelling it “Ashtyn”, but after everyone harassed them (terrible I know haha) they ended up changing it. Also google images yields some pretty LOL worthy results for Ashtyn (ie. male model Ashtyn Long)

Hat tip: Lisa


Well thank-you Ashley! I was bracing for a lot of safety violations, clumsy weapon manipulation, and wrong steps, but shes actually very good. She needs to put her back into the scrubbing more though.  

Make sure to check out the rest of the EyeHandy videos.  The idea is money!

Hat tip: Frost Gamer