This is a standard and predictable but good quick casual listen.  Better than I was used to expecting from the Funker marketing machine:

In this video below they even clown on VODA haha:

I like how they never took it to the “I have credentials. VODA and the rubber dummy shooters don’t have credentials so they’re wrong.” type argument.  They handled it really classy.  They didn’t get all mad and epic trolled like Clint Smith did a while back.

I really hope VODA pulls his foot out his own ass briefly and claps back at these two guys in a video response.  Instructor on Instructor drama is the best, although with VODA he will predictably turn into an issue of Racism.


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These guys really stick to the formula of clickbaity titles and random discussion, wow.

I always thought the MAIN reason women didn’t want to train with guys are because guys are macho and try to impress women *shrug*… this happens enough in a woman’s day to day life with the looks, comments, and the m’lady’s everywhere they go It sounds really exhausting.  Going to something women’s only seems like it would be a breath of fresh air.



These triple O.G.’s weren’t down with oppressive California gun laws so they went to Syria:

Two Los Angeles gang members appear to have joined the flow of foreigners flocking to fight in Syria – in this instance, on the side of President Bashar al-Assad. In a video posted online, the two men boast that they are on the front lines and fire their guns in the direction of what they call “the enemigos.”

Full story – Washington Post

la-gang-signsStill gang banging not giving a fuck, as they so eloquently put it.  Some interesting pics on Wino’s facebook page.

“Homie” count: Lets just say lots… I’m too lazy to count.

I’m sure California is at a loss, since these upstanding gents took the gang banging abroad.  It would be a shame if their passports got cancelled and they couldn’t come back.  Even if they could come back in the US, I’d hate to have that conversation with Customs.


Hat tip: Jesse


They needed to be dressed up as ninjas. Besides that the vid is awesome.


About the young man he had to kill when fighting at the Battle of the Bulge:


The video was made by Rauch Bros. Animation in conjunction with StoryCorps, whos “mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.”  I’m gonna have to take a better look around that site when I have more time, it sounds really amazing.


[youtube width=”480″ height=”350″][/youtube]

This guy sets out to prove whether or not grabbing the slide of an auto pistol in a close quarters gun fight would disable the gun by causing it not to cycle.

It takes four and a half minutes, some sarcasm,  humor, and blood.  And the result? It is proven that you can in fact cause a gun not to cycle by grabbing the slide when a round is fired.

Definitely good to know, because it would sure beat getting shot… I don’t think I’ll be trying this any time soon though. :P

Hat Tip: Ry’s Blog