Check out how the Air Force fights fires more effectively:

Damn that’s really cool.  Powerful enough to penetrate concrete block walls and steel up to 1/2″ thick! 

Ban high pressure water!  Ban granite abrasive material! :P

PyrolancePyrolance has a website you can check out with tons more videos, pictures, and info.  If you ask me, that looks like a good system for every type of firefighter.  *roll up on burning house, jam pyrolance against outside wall.  Chill like a boss while you flood the house with water… hi-5 and go for beers*.  Yea yea I know, there could be people and pets inside the house which need to be rescued.  Firefighting is exhausting even talking about.  If it were all about pumping iron, eating meals together, and calendar shoots I think It would have been a career path I would have liked.

Pyrolance needs picatinny rails, and keymod…. not to mention a high quality optic for long range fire extinguishing.


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Glock threw these G19 pics up on their Facebook page:



Source – Glock Facebook

SWEET, that case really came through.  Maybe it’s melting temperature is just really low though? I don’t know.  Now you know you’ll be able to operate in house fire operations with it.




Uncontrolled derp burn:

Lucky the whole forest didn’t get burned to the ground.  Probably would have if the wind was stronger.

That Al Green Love & Happiness sample / beat in the background of the vid was hot. Twista – Do Wrong (Feat. Lil Kim) is the joint if you want to add it to your playlist.

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-FingersThoughts? Anyone have any bad experiences like that with dragons breath or other exotic loads?

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From Dallas ‘Mericah:

An essential survival skill.  Gotta have that Bud light, otherwise the fire would never have happened.



Pretty quick!