firearm safety

Gunny, Tori, Tactical Snookie, and some dude:

Home-Is-Where-The-Glock-Is-Cross-Stitch-Pillow0:27 – “*blah blah blah* to drive a 1 ton truck you need to take some tests to make sure he knows exactly what he’s doing with that vehicle before he gets out on the road by himself; could hurt somebody” then “same way if you buy a handgun”.  No… since when is it mandatory to know safety before you buy a handgun?  Since when is the salesperson obligated to educate you?  Since when do you need to take a test?

The rules themselves are solid of course.  Well, unless you’re one of those operational “safety is an illusion” idiots.



This is absolutely priceless:

When it cut off I was like “NOOOOOooooooooo”.

Hopefully we will see some more from that little guy. He will probably busy doing firearm terminology consulting work for the mainstream media though.