firearm safety

A fluorescent pipe cleaner, a little plastic piece that goes in the barrel, and a metal drinking straw and a dream…

I mean… it looks like it works I guess 🤷‍♂️.  I know what the lady is saying about trigger and cable locks making it hard to handle guns at the gun store.  Those are there though because they would require a key or bolt cutters to remove.  You can call the metal tube “the ejector”, but at the end of the day like I mentioned in the heading… it’s basically a drinking straw, so in other words easy to get ahold of and remove whatever shotblock you want.

What do I know though?  This is probably a billion dollar idea, if it’s like any of the inventor Bill Masters’ other ideas.  I googled him and he started a big kayak company, basically invented 3d printing and holds lots of patents to do with that etc..

As usual, no pricing information on the ShotBlock website.  This seems to be pretty standard practice for some reason I have still yet to figure out.  As I’m typing this I checked out the facebook page, instagram page, and the date on the video, and they all seem to be from 2018 so I guess we can assume the project was abandoned.


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Gunny, Tori, Tactical Snookie, and some dude:

Home-Is-Where-The-Glock-Is-Cross-Stitch-Pillow0:27 – “*blah blah blah* to drive a 1 ton truck you need to take some tests to make sure he knows exactly what he’s doing with that vehicle before he gets out on the road by himself; could hurt somebody” then “same way if you buy a handgun”.  No… since when is it mandatory to know safety before you buy a handgun?  Since when is the salesperson obligated to educate you?  Since when do you need to take a test?

The rules themselves are solid of course.  Well, unless you’re one of those operational “safety is an illusion” idiots.



This is absolutely priceless:

When it cut off I was like “NOOOOOooooooooo”.

Hopefully we will see some more from that little guy. He will probably busy doing firearm terminology consulting work for the mainstream media though.