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LOL holy, this is serious:

This IDS guy is so damn funny sometimes.. but totally not on purpose.  I have said it before though, and I think it deserves repeating… the fact he’s churning out these videos religiously day after day even though they get under 100 views is admirable. You gotta crack a few eggs to make an omelet, amirite fellas?

Jokes aside I have seen some interesting topics and points of view in his videos.  It’s when it gets psudo-deep and into extremely-single-dad-online vibes, is when I lose the guy.


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The VICE “one star reviews” visits a shooting range for some training:

Marshall Security in Compton, CA

5:48 – Oh no.. the “DETROIT DUST” style disarms 🤦‍♂️.  I thought it was more or less an isolated incident with those Detroit bozos.

Honestly those guys seem perfectly alright.  Initially I was expecting some really wild stuff to happen in the vid.  All pretty standard though.

Thoughts?. I like how VICE mixes it up with these goofy videos every now and then. Bonus when they’re gun related.


This man Dave Spaulding talks about YouTube trainers and various other tactical AF instructors:

hahah SHOTS FIRED in this video.  I’m talking high ROF too guys, it’s messy.

At around the 3 minute mark he makes fun of people who ask what he was wearing.  I CARE DAVE. I CARE.

Oh and this is the blog post he was taking about at the beginning of the video.

Thoughts?  Did your feelings get hurt by this video?  Mine didn’t.  *adjusts CRYE airframe helmet and wipes tears off with the sleeve of my g3 combat shirt.*



James-Yeager-Angel-Approved0:38 – “My haters went…” *insert eye roll here*

One of the greatest accomplishments of this blog, is that a follower got the “James Yeager Approved” Buck Yeager picture signed at a gun show.  Pure gold.

“You’re better off with training and no gun, than you are with a gun and no training.” Cool story bro.

Shooting… training… yea I get there’s a difference.  I think the saying should be “You’re better off with a gun, than no gun… end of story”.  I know some of your guys are going to cook Yeager in the comments for this video, referencing some of the things he said.  *gets popcorn in advance*



*not bad Obama face here*:

Not bad not bad at all.  If you click through to see all their videos on YouTube there are actually quite a few new good ones.  Sure beats those videos they used to put out which look like they were filmed during prohibition.

Ignatius-Piazza-Pizza-Front-SightAt 6 minutes long I didn’t find myself looking at my watch more than once either.  I’ll stay tuned.. some good thoughts in this video worth considering.  For some reason Front Sight seems to be a very polarizing topic always… either guys love it or don’t (whether or not either have even trained there I don’t know ever).

Thoughts?  Honestly the main reason I posted this is because I’m so proud of the Ignatius Pizza picture I phototoshopped a while back.  Cracks me up every time I see it, but really don’t have much opportunity to use it.  One of you guys needs to get Ignatius Pizza to sign the Pizza Picture!  The fact James Yeager signed the Buck Yeager picture I still consider a blog milestone.  Hilarious from now until forever.