Segment from CNBC:


1:08 – Lucas Botkin from TREX.  I heard him talk about this appearance on his Art & War podcast episode recently.  I’ve listened to a few episodes now, including the one with the homie Print Shoot Repeat.  Good gun industry pod, if you’re looking for one.

5:05 – The gun industry in America is a $36 billion business

5:12 – US firearm manufacturers produced 11.1 million guns in 2020 😲, up from 5.4 million in 2015

8:03 – The narrator mentions that one of the cases against firearm marketing is the “potential exposure to children, or those under the age of 18”.  Video games and movies do that better than any firearms company could ever want to or hope to directly through their own ads.

9:25 – The Apple revolver to watergun emoji change was so lame.  People use it for the exact same purpose.


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VICE takes 22 minute look:

Decent enough documentary. I know some of you guys are going to hate it “because VICE”. If you give it a chance, this girl is more “Millennial” than the usual “Hipster” that VICE hires.

11:30 – Offers up her .338 Lapua for the VICE girl to shoot FIRST off.  I mean I guess that girl shot an AR-15 with that other guy earlier on… but What a dick this lady not warning her it was going to kick like a beast compared to the AR-15.

I like how the VICE girl really kept an open mind, and actually went through with it all and bought a gun.  Took her friend out to shoot after, and she loved it too.  That was cool. Too bad she sold her rifle a few weeks later, just because Canada made it too big of a pain in the ass for her to enjoy it. Oh well.



50 minutes worth:

42-17533707Oh man there’s some pure gold in that 50 minutes.  If you have time to watch it all you really should.  I wish I had the time to call out time stamps, but I’m trying to finish up season 2 of “THE FALL” on netflix, while drinking herbal teas.  Ok fine here’s a quick one…

3:11 – Whose mans is this?  Check out that draw and intentional muzzle sweep.  hhaha wth… he then follows that up with intentional muzzle sweeps of himself.  I can’t read Russian, but I’m hoping he’s showing what NOT to do.

Thoughts? Try as you will you’ll never be as cool as Putin with the flipped down ear pro. That would be a good esoteric-low-effort Halloween costume haha.

Gat tip: no uno


After much anticipation, a teaser for the 2nd episode… Tactical Firearms:

I blogged about the first episode a while back.  Someone explain to me why this show exists?  I thought Remington would be smarter than to jump the bandwagon of a girl who got famous for shooting exotic animals in the face and flaunting it on Facebook.  And I know you guys are going to point out that her and her friend don’t even have booty shorts on in this episode.  Exactly. That’s probably what over half of episode #1’s views were due to.

Kendall-Jones-RemingtonI can’t wait to see the actual episode once it’s released haha.



Rather have it and not need it?:

If this is what the world is coming to, where people are playing sports with concealed firearms that’s pretty sad.  Sure some squirrelly little psychopath who was picked on by hockey players his whole life could one day kick the door open on an arena and start hosing players down as an act of revenge… but really?  Guns ON the ice?  I’m sure at any given time plenty of spectators in the bleachers are armed.  Sports are supposed to be competitive and fun.  You shouldn’t have to wonder if the guy you body check into the boards is going to get butthurt and in a fit of rage / embarrassment, pull the handgun out of his uniform and shoot you ;).  To top it off… having a chunk of heavy steel in your waistband when you’re hitting guys and guys are hitting you doesn’t really sound too comfortable or safe for anyone involved.

I can see the comments now – “FUCK YOU MIKE YOU PIECE OF SHIT FAIR WEATHER 2ND AMENDMENT SUPPORTER!  I’ll wear an AK and an AR on my back when I play any type of organized sports because it’s maH right.  ‘MERICA!”

mericaThe video does seem fake to me though.  I can’t see what the guy is doing with his hands, but the drop seems staged.  Additionally I question why he has a GoPro camera on, even though people seem to wear those now to do even the most mundane tasks.




From Grant in the comments on my post about Trained US Soldiers Can’t Be Trusted With Guns:

First and foremost: none of you fanboys have an iota, not a single ounce of justification or foundation to call this man a disgrace. You want to play range ninja on the weekend? Fine. You want to cut and paste other people’s thoughts onto M4 as a mechanism to ignore the purposelessness of your own lives and the sting of unrequited childhood ambitions? You do that. This man received the Congressional Medal of Honor, two Silver Stars, and three Bronze Stars. He is why you people play with guns in the first place. Men like him gave boys like you the right to bear arms in the first fucking place. If you want to judge his opinions, admit to yourselves he is far informed than you, and act accordingly. And if you have the honor of meeting such a human being, you will stand he speaks to you, and you will call him “Sir.” He’s been on the line, knows men, and knows soldiers, and has far, far more insight into the capabilities and shortcomings than any of your ilk can possibly garner from the internet without ever having lived the life of an Airborne Infantryman.

I got out of the Army as a Platoon Sergeant specifically because of people like this Scott S. douchebag. The sense of entitlement, ignorance and dismissal of the greater good, and insolence of this current generation is the reason why the military continues to decline. (No, the current administration is exactly helping either.) Poor soldiers become poor leaders, who cave to pressures of even poorer politicians. Standards lower, and good men leave, or die. Then, next thing you know, they’re letting women into the Infantry. More good men leave, and standards are lowered even more to accommodate the leftovers. Rinse, wash, repeat.

I can guarantee you unequivocally that no one who has made comments on this video thus far have ever served in a combat arms role in the military. (And by that, I mean Infantry or Special Operations. Nothing else.) First, no one having served those in those billets would say such disparaging things about that man. Second, you clearly have no idea about how poorly trained soldiers are. The vast majority of the Army is comprised of POG’s. (That stands for ‘Personnel Other than Grunts,’ before you ask.) Until you have spent fifteen months burning your own shit and living off one bottle of water a day to drink and wash with, you don’t understand the disgusting, useless, vile creature that is a POG. They have no business carrying weapons. Absolutely none.

Trust me on this, gentlemen. When you take your bi-weekly drive into a big FOB and risk getting blown up to take a shower, and you see fat, worthless POG fucks walking around like zombies, you would be far more comfortable with them not having weapons than with them carrying one every day. When a shitfuck 42A admin douche uses the magazine well of their M4 to hold a pack of cigarettes; or a inbred 88M (truck driver) lifts his entire weapon literally by the trigger with not one, but two fingers jokingly doing “M4 curls” to make his fat buddies laugh, never will you think, “I’ll be safer with these retards carrying weapons on post when we get back.” In garrison, POG’s fire their weapons once a year. To zero and fire. That’s it. Muzzles everywhere, flagging everyone and everything. John Milton would handle a firearm more safely. And MP’s? Riiiiiight. They do nothing but issue speeding tickets. (Again, not making that up. Trust me, they are not door-kickers.) Do you think they dry fire, much less go to the range? Do you want to talk about officers? I cannot express how poorly officers handle their pistols. They literally fire fewer than one hundred rounds a year. Tea cups and wrist grabs galore. All with one eye shut. I fucking swear to you. They then deploy, buy a FOB bra (shoulder holsters that make them think they’re fucking MacArthur, despite the fact that they never leave the wire, and the fact that “Battle Captain” is POG-speak for “TOC bitch”) from hajj, and literally never clean or even handle their weapon again for the rest of the year. Then they wonder why we laugh at them to their faces. Watch “First Blood” again, and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those kind of soldiers. And if one of you want to say something about how Marine POG’s are any different, you clearly have never been to Camp Leatherneck.

Do you think suicides wouldn’t increase stateside? Do you think liberals wouldn’t jump all over that shit like a homeless dude on a French fry? Under the auspices of caring about veterans, no less? And don’t even get me started on the gang problem in the Army, particularly at leg (non-Airborne) bases. There is no way to address this without sounding racist, but I’ll go for it. We (the Airborne Infantry community and beyond) call Ft. Hood ‘Ft. In-da-Hood.’ 10th Mountain? 10th Motown. (Yeah, that sounds pretty racist, I realize.) But, it is what it is.

I understand that it is impossible to understand what actual military life and training is like as a civilian. Just know this. Colonel Jacobs may seem like a dick. But that behavior is most likely fueled by seeing uninformed idiots muddy the waters of an incredibly complicated issue with the rights to free speech that men like him helped create. So troll away, because you’re a fucking moron, and that’s what morons do. But leave defending the nation to the few professionals that are left. Call of duty, for some, isn’t a game. Go blow Chris Costa.

(And it’s ‘MOH,’ fucktard. And it’s ‘received,’ not ‘won.’ It’s not an X Box achievement, pussy.)

Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-MadWhoa.  Ok well now I see the other side to the argument, but I still think why give up protection just because of some idiots who you don’t think can be trusted with firearms?  If we were going to start doing that, we might as well make it a million times harder to get a carry permit in general.  Is Grant mad for good reason? He’s getting trolled pretty hard over in the other comments, but hopefully we can bring some more discussion here.