Fresh out the gate, already knee deep in this hat game.  The initial lineup:


I plan on releasing all sorts of hats from now on!  This is just the beginning.  Real nice quality.  You’re going to love the material, leather strapback, antique metal clasp… everything!  The hats have a real classic / vintage look and feel to them, you won’t be disappointed.

More pictures, details, and of course available for purchase over at the ENDO Apparel website.

Thank you all for the support.


5 copies of this great book up for grabs:


If you carry a weapon for self-defense, it’s definitely in your best interest to know the laws.  A simple purchase such as this book could keep your ass out of jail and save you a whole lot of money someday.

Attorney Mitch Vilos and Evan Vilos teamed up and went to great efforts to make sure that this comprehensive book is both clear and reliable.   The fact it’s written in plain easy to understand english (not loaded with fancy legal jargon), and even contains light humor here and there make it way more enjoyable than you would expect a book on law to be.

Make sure and enter the giveaway below, but know that you can also head over to the Firearms Law website and pick one up for $29.95 at any time.  A book such as this would make a great gift!

How To Enter (U.S. Residents Only):

  1. In the comments below I want to know what state you live in.
  2. What you like or dislike about your state when it comes to shooting / firearms.

I am also simultaneously giving away 5 more copies of the book on Instagram where all you have to do is follow me and “like” the picture.  Yea I know not all you are hipsters and have Instagram but you should get it for this reason alone.

Thanks everyone, and good luck!  The draw for these 10 books will be made on Friday night, and results posted on the weekend.


I hate when my novelty balloons get ruined by muzzle blast:

I really need to look into a suppressor.  I went way over my helium balloon budget last month, that was NOT cool. Hat to make cutbacks in cashmere socks, smoked cheeses, and artisan salts.

Balloon-TrollThe real crime here is that perfectly good helium to inhale is going to waste.  If you’re not killing braincells and staying stupid shit with your lungs full of the nobelest of gases then you’re just not living.



A guest post by Jesse Ingall from the blog Ideas, Thoughts and Happenings.

These firearms were brought in to be completely cleaned of rust and salt. They were flooded when the tide rose during Hurricane Sandy. They sat in salt water for a week or so.


I ran a steel brush through the barrels a bunch. Then I attempted to run a patch through one of the barrels and the pitting shredded the patch. Butt plate of a Mauser. Before and after:



You can really see the difference on the Enfield butt plate:


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I remember seeing a few examples like this in physics:

Demonstrating the law of conservation of momentum with a M1 Garand.

I wonder if lots of publishers are getting pressured to swap them out for different examples?  Wouldn’t want to scare anyone.  If a police officer or a soldier was holding the gun it might be a little more acceptable, but still unnecessarily scary.  Probably better to use a non threatening cannon instead. haha


Hat tip: Eric


I like the values these women have:

Full Story – HERE

Estimated 40 million guns in India… #2 in line after the US!  Right on.

3:35 – Lady with the side-by-side break action is ready to handle her business.  If she pulls the trigger(s) with it shouldered like a newb (3:53) though she could be looking at a broken collarbone.

I always thought of India as being a fairly peaceful place because I’ve heard the punishment for crime is severe in comparison to the US.  Regardless of if that is a deterrent or not to criminals, why take any chances when you can get a gun and even the ods.

Hat tip: Simon