firepower united

Phuc Long from Firepower United gives it to us on the low:

Phuc-Long-Firepower-UnitedROFL this guy is a legend among men.  NRA needs to hire him.  I’m going to keep repeating that, because it worked when I repeated dozens of times that the NRA should hire MrColionNoir, when he was on the come up. Speaking of the come up… Premiere and AZ always bring it.

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Phuc Long aka Firepower United so you know it’s real:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyDoes Travis cosign the gross motor skills reload?  Naturally he does, because he’s all about movement and the mind (Travis is so deep).

1:51 – LOLOL so true.  You gotta use that mag as a tool and just toss it.

Oh god.. the part about grabbing the barrel and then using your foot.  I literally CANNOT.  Travis’ skin is looking extra hydrated and nice even in the desert, such a beautiful complexion that man has.

Thoughts?  The Jim Fuller (AK Dynamics) cameo was amazing too right?

Gat tip: Brennan, Bart, Daniel


Firepower United again. haha I love this guy:

Troll-FaceHis cadence is like none other.

I really wasn’t expecting what seems to be an actual G18C.  I say this because normally we just see G17s with the selector slide plate.


Gat tip: Kyle


Beauty and the beast style:

Firepower-United-YouTubehaha this guy is good.  If you missed his rifle reloading with gross motor skills epic troll video the other day make sure to take a look.

Growing up in the 80s/90s Beauty and the Beast was really epic when it came out (1991).

Thoughts?  I really hope this guy keeps at it long term with the videos.  The gun community needs all the humor it can get.

Gat tip: James, Eric