Yea the post title would make a great album name, but it’s also what some guys do in this video:

dynamiteAccording to the YouTube description the explosion stuns or kills the fish.  It’s “often” illegal.  For real?, thanks Obama.

Buuuuuuuuttt… can you fish with TNT? Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi  Watch me explooooooooooode.


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Like shooting fish in a ____.  Brownells tells us what we need, and how to do it:

YEAH!  Why passively dangle a line in the water when you have the option of shooting a fish with an arrow?  Looks and sounds rewarding.  The first I ever heard of this was my cousin Austin bought a bowfishing setup a few years back when he came to visit me.  I thought he was trolling me at first but then he showed me a few videos and my mind was blown.

If you remember, CarnikCon even did a video on bowfishing carp because they are actually an eco weapon to destroy US waterways.  Matt Dillon even made a fish gun video just incase you find the idea of bowfishing too mundane.

Russian-Grenade-FishingI’m ’bout that shotgun tuna life.  #HowImLivin

Thoughts?  Ban assault bows?  Just wait until I invent a high capacity bow that fires 10 pitch forks into the water at a time.


TacticalNooB42 upgrades his SHTF classic:

Mosin-Nagant-Fishing-Rodhahah that’s really awesome.  He should have shot the fish once he got it out of the water.

Someone should mount a rod and reel on an AR-15 and go shark-with-laser-beam fishing.



CarniK Con.  v. awesome v. rare:

1:09 – Lil Romeo Rap Snacks!… holy I like where this is going.

2:35 – Why don’t I know anyone with a boat like this?  I should buy one just to make all the snobs with million dollar yachts choke on their Pâté.

7:15 – Holy a song… Yessssss

8:46 – PETA given what they need to start their anti-CarnikCon crusade

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOThese things are turning into full blown episodes now basically.  I can’t wait to see what develops in the future with these guys.



When DERP and explosives mix, it’s a deadly cocktail:

I don’t know much about grenades, but I’m assuming he either let go of the lever way before he dropped it (running the time out), or else it was faulty.  All I can say is it’s lucky it was slightly in the water, because otherwise it probably would have killed them both.  I’m assuming it was a concussion grenade, not a fragmentation grenade.  Considering you can’t control the direction of the fragments, i’m pretty sure no one would be dumb enough to use fragmentation grenades.

There’s a “In Russia…” joke in here somewhere… how about “In Russia, fish kill YOU”


Hat tip: Krystian, Bryan, RWC


Matt Dillon shows us a more effective way to fish:

Hell of a lot of recoil at 45 seconds for a gun that isn’t even loaded.

.50 caliber?  300 rounds per minute?  *facepalm*