Best known as the guy that placed 3rd in Season 1 of Top Douchebag:

Season 1 of Top Douchebag is a distant memory for me, but I don’t remember not liking J.J. Racaza.  He seems really likable in the above video, so I wish him the best of luck.

That watch he’s got on has AP (Audemars Piguet) style lugs on it… Is J.J. getting Audemars level money?  If so, i’m impressed.  Could just be a similar looking watch though.

The video could have used a bit more rehersal, but it looks like the holster works well for him anyway.  After seeing the product shots I still have no idea how the holster works though, and there is no info on his website that I can find… fail :/

As far as his logo goes… am I the only one that doesn’t think it’s a stretch to immediately see a face with some male genitalia going into it?

LOL yea I know it’s supposed to be his initials “JJR”, but come on…

You can check out more info on JJ Racaza on his website.  Whenever I hear his last name it reminds me of this classic Lion King scene.   Racazzzzzzzzzzzzzza. OOOooooo… do it again!


Hat tip: Ross


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