flame thrower

Royal Nonesuch aka “The kid” aka my former future step son, is now into homemade flame throwers.  Here’s his intro video where he was hashing out the details:

And him flaming stuff once the build was completed:

Hmmm yea it’s badass alright.  Safe though?  My gut instinct tells me no, but I’m more cautious than most now that I’m older.

0:21 – burning fuel all over the torch canister.  Oh man haha.  I can’t help but wonder if that could be prevented or minimized if he put a small barrier of some sort just behind the nozzle.  Kind of like the drip rings on Kayak paddles. *shrug* who knows.

Thoughts?  Would drink Flaming Moe’s with?   Stay safe Richie… stay safe…


This dudes vision is 20/20 when it’s lit:

Head-Mounted-Flame-ThowerIt sure seems like a good portion of the population doesn’t give a shit about safety.  Well at least the rest of us that do can be entertained by the ridiculous videos they put out.

All I can say it’s lucky he has those flame proof blue surgical gloves on for safety.

If he amped up the pressure it would be a lot cooler.  Right now it’s looking like a weak pee stream at best.

haha Soylent hooked up the sponsorship.  So buying a welding mask and some copper pipe is expensive enough you have to sell out? Who knew? LOL



An honest and thorough review from GY6vids as always:

come-thru-its-lit$900 if you want to pick one up.  I wish they would have made the fuel canister more low profile for a sleeker look.

34 seconds of full flame on a full tank is pretty damn good if you ask me.