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My big takeaway from this video was that his flame thrower appears to have the same type of IsoButane-Propane tank hooked up as the GigaPower fuel canisters my girlfriend and I take backpacking ūü§Ē.¬† That looks a hell of a lot more fun than our titanium Snow Peak stove tbh… ūüėā too bad that’s seemingly just for the pilot light and it still needs the whole liquid fuel backpack.


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He almost blew himself up using his homemade backpack flamethrower, so the next logical step is to mount one on his dirtbike.  No demo in this, but he chops it up (talks about the setup):

hahahahaha oh man.  Nice, to see him repping ENDO in the Guns and Coffee t-shirt.

Here’s a demo of it squirting (presumably water) which he posted today on Instagram:

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I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t worried about my former future step son’s safety.



Cool use for a drone. Warning, do not crank the volume up unless guy want an Asian dude to blast your ear drum (he got me):

How do they solve this garbage on the lines problem in the US? I assume with a regular-ass cherry picker? Not as fancy but I’m sure it gets the job done.

I wonder if the bosses take those drones home on the weekend and roast shit? That would be a perk of the job.

I don’t own a drone yet, but they sure look like fun. Right now it just seems like a money pit I probably should stay away from.

Gat tip: Steve


haha BURN IT DOWN. Wirty Dhore just dropped this¬†video called “How To ATF”:

hahah ok then. ¬†Man flamethrowers are so awesome. ¬†I’d be a bit nervous having a tank of fuel on my back though.



4k, it’s literially lit:

0:11 РDan on PCP?  Daaaaaaamn Slow Mo Guys is getting DARK AF.  ;)

1:40 – Where the flamethrower footage starts.

fireWow, crazy stuff.  These guys always come correct.

Thoughts?  Do you eventually want to get a flamethrower to add to the collection?


Jerry has all the fun:

Jerry-MiculekIt continues to blow my mind that this old dude is son’ing all the YouTube firearm video youngsters at their own game. ¬†I have a lot of respect for him for that.

The “get some” count is very high in this video.

For $1600 you can grab your own flame thrower. ¬†The right of the people to keep and bear flamethrowers shall not be infringed. ¬†I sure hope people follow the “4 rules” when using this thing… even better lets add a 5th rule “Be sure you’re not flamethrowing anything which could explode in your face or start a wildfire.”.

I picture numerous Darwin awards being handed out over the years stemming from the use of this thing. ¬†That’s alright though, keeps the gene pool ultimately in a better state.