Royal Nonesuch retired from demonstrating homemade guns, but he’s back being mad reckless and stuff:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDORule #1: Always remember to REMOVE your eye protection before you shoot something.  

Rule #2: Always shoot / make fire in an area that is very flammable.  Basically anything dried.  A field works best too because when you start a fire it will really go wild.

Rule #3: Never keep water or anything else around to extinguish the flames.

*smh* Royal Nonesuch you crazy bastard.  Who’s the flare plug?  Hook a brotha up.  Last time I checked those things weren’t cheap.


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Flare guns for self defense?  The gun store guys take a look:

They don’t look “ideal”, but they definitely are better than nothing.  I can’t imagine there is a criminal out that that would want to be shot with something that burns so hot.  Plus, the business end of the gun looks intimidating because of the large bore diameter, so they would likely get the crap scared out of them even if they didn’t immediately know it just shot flares.

iraqveteran8888-youtubeGod I love that Hi-Point testing suit (featured in the later half of this video)



Oh wait… never mind, just a couple AR-15s and a 37mm flare launcher *facepalm*:

Source – KING5

Seattle Police said they recovered a grenade launcher and automatic weapons in their Thursday night raid of a house in Eastlake. Officers found two AR-15 assault rifles, one of which was equipped with a military style grenade launcher.

Good work guys… *slow clap* I know i’ll sleep better tonight knowing a recreational firework launcher is off the streets.

Blog reader Sean D. took it upon himself to deliver an email smackdown to reporter Jim Forman from KING5 news.  Here it is:

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In my previous post ABC News – How to get a grenade launcher we talked about how the media always gets their facts wrong, and time and time again manages to blow everything way out of proportion.

A new development from a frequent commenter Josh:

Regardless of all that, one of the stories I ran across said it was a 37mm Cobray grenade launcher. Obviously, 37mm is a flare, not a grenade, and the Cobray website doesn’t indicate that what they manufacture is anything other than a flare launcher. Way to go ABC. I think they might appropriately be called the “Alarmist Broadcasting Company.”

Here is the actual excerpt from the Fox News article he is referring to:

Detectives later searched the room where Woodson had been staying at the Red Mill Inn in Branchburg. Forrest said they seized another Bushmaster .308-caliber semiautomatic rifle with a defaced serial number, a 37 mm Cobray grenade launcher, a second bulletproof vest, a Russian-made night vision scope, a police scanner, a map of a U.S. military installation and a map of an out-of-state civilian community, a Middle Eastern red and white colored traditional headdress and hundreds of rounds of .50-caliber and .308-caliber ammunition.

BIG difference ABC.. BIG difference.  One is a Destructive Device (40mm) and one is not (37mm).

There is no such thing as “grenades” for the 37mm.

Now I don’t look at FOX as being an authority on gun related news either, but I believe that a lot more than the crap ABC tried to tell us in that newscast.

FOX likely did mess up on this, if it was presumably an AR-15 they are referring to:

Forrest said the .223-caliber assault rifle (Bushmaster) that Woodson was carrying had a defaced serial number and had been altered to fire .50-caliber ammunition.

Altered? as in had a new upper attached to it? :roll:

Also, an AR-15 is not an assault rifle.

Cobray sells their 37mm flare launchers online (price approx. $500)  if you are interested – HERE

-Thanks again for the tip Josh.