I give this a 1 sigh, 2 whatevs, and a grumble:

$400 on their website.  “Patented” too apparently.  People are always trying to corner every micro-niche in every market.  No one is copying your idea dude.  We made it from the Vietnam war era until 2017 where the technology to do this has been available.  It’s an obvious idea and no one else did it…. for a reason haha.

Thoughts?  When is the integrated bipod coming out?  The integrated optic perhaps? An integrated barrel?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Honestly despite this promo video being the worst, this probably isn’t a terrible idea:

LED-AR15-Quad-RailI like the low profile (no profile) aspect of it, as opposed to having a flash light mounted on the rail as most people do now.  My guess is this whole setup weighs next to nothing, so there’s another positive.  The main thing that sucks with integrated solutions though is that if something goes wrong with it, or you don’t like it anymore tough luck you’re stuck with it.   LED flashlights that I own run pretty hot too, so that would be another negative if they are heating up that end up the rail where you’re trying to Costa-sharkjump-grip.

I bet current rail manufacturers would be able to do some pretty cool stuff integrating the LEDs into the rails, if the decide the pros outweigh the cons.  If the guy who made the video can actually get a patent, he might be able to make a ton off licensing.

There is no website for this product, only this facebook page.  There are some more pictures and some minor discussion there if you want to take a look.


Hat tip: Chris


Taofledermaus got some free flashlights to shoot:

The-Walking-Dead-Zombies-Maglite-Flashlight-Handgun-Silencer-SuppressorCouldn’t really see much besides some flickering in the sky for a couple frames.  Got me thinking though, that will be really cool once good quality wireless streaming cameras get small enough to shoot.  Guy’s will figure out a way to stabilize their flight then get some really awesome footage.  I foresee LiveLeak combat footage getting exponentially more gruesome.



Demolition Ranch does it:

LOL fired strobing at lined up cabbages and watermelons and pork shoulder.

Mattv2099 does it too:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelDirect hits ALL DAY from Matt.  That tactical head is getting pretty beat up now haha.

5:12 – Lucky that wasn’t a black light LED in there.  Matt’s bed would have been lit like a christmas tree.

Thrunite is the plug.


The old fat German white guys of Lahner Academy:

Sweet hand to hand combat mein bros.  I have no doubt the effectiveness of light strobing in someones face, or hitting someone with a flashlight, but this video is embarrassing and unnecessary unless it’s sole purpose was to hawk Klarus Flashlights.  I’ve never heard of Klarus, but in their defense they do have some nice looking offerings.

Lahner-Academy-TrainingDo you not remember Lahner Academy?  These where the same old guys who were training to be operators.  Click on the link and watch that vid and read my commentary for some laughs.

Thoughts? Cute that they are still dressing the same ja?

Hat tip: Gregg


If you’re not spinning your flashlight when you pull it out, you’re not keeping it 100 while operating:

Unlike the rest of the handgun guys in the video, Costa naturally operates with 2 lights… one with the spinner gizmo, and one on his handgun:


Smith Optics sunglasses?  wtf?  Is that a marketing play by Smith to try and position themselves as the “New Oakley” for high-speed-low-drag operators?

Here is a video on tactical technique:

haha 2-legit.

I wonder if that would be considered illegal in states that brass knuckle possession is outlawed?  Looks like you could definitely do some damage if you punched someone with that gizmo on your hand.

You can read more about / purchase the Switchback flashlight gizmo for Surefire flashlights over at Thyrm.

homer-jump-sharkI have ideas for a tactical cheese grater, and a next level diaper changing station… I’m thinking about seeing if Costa would co-sign either for 3% (negotiable of course) royalties.

Hat tip: Joseph