Surefire flashlights have been in tons of movies… here’s a look at some of them:

I can’t believe I’ve never seen most of those.  I always get so hyped about movies when I see the trailer, but the throught of going to an actual movie theater where I can’t pause the film to go to the bathroom, make good food to eat multiple times, and maybe even split a long one up over a few days, really doesn’t interest me.  Normally I end up forgetting about movies now entirely.  I’ve been watching a lot of good documentaries to unwind… watched one the other day on the U.S. Postal Inspectors.  Fun Fact: It’s the oldest law enforcement agency in the U.S…. and some of the stuff they do appears to be pretty high-speed.


I’ve always been a strong supporter of Surefire.. except for that tactical derp specimen known as the wrist light.

Next up for Surefire, Bollywood?