Laser grip maker:

“Quality and innovation are fundamental,” he says, “but that’s understood. It’s how to create an environment that puts you on top and keeps you there that’s the part we needed to develop and keep.”

Full article over at Forbes.  Worth reading if you have any interest at all in the “people” side of business.

It’s always nice to see a gun related company doing well for themselves and getting attention like this on a website / magazine not normally associated with the industry.

I though about my business hopes and dreams list just now, but it quickly spiraled out of control and lost any potential usefulness.

If you’re not familiar with Crimson Trace make sure to check them out. Additionally, I may have mentioned it once or twice in the past but in addition to running this fine blog I sell gun related t-shirts over at ENDO Apparel ;) check them out.

Hat tip: SayUncle


The West Side Rifle & Pistol Range–Manhattan’s only public shooting site–is in the heart of Chelsea, one of New York City’s most progressive neighborhoods.

For only $65 + a background check (wtf?) you can fire a .22 rifle which is depressingly chained to the stall you’re in. Wow… they would pay for those rifles pretty damn fast.

Full Story in Forbes – HERE


I recently added the word “Glock” as a saved search on twitter, thinking that it would probably sniff out some cool Glock related links and maybe some sites with some content that I had not seen before.

Boy was I wrong..

There are 3 main uses of the word Glock on twitter:

1) As a generic term for a handgun by some internet gangster
2) In a rap lyric ( in the context generic most of the time as well)
3) In reference to the german race car driver Timo Glock

And finally… The most irritating, and the one that occurs way too frequently:

4) When talking about the song ” Uffie – Pop The Glock “

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

The song is catchy ill give it that.

stop hatin and playin hard
i got a loaded bodygaurd
dont make him pull out the glock and pop

And the chorus:

pop the glock, the glock you pop
if you outta line its you ill bang pop
( repeated 3x )

As soon as I started the video up and saw the hipsters I knew it was going to be a wild ride.  The music video makes no sense , and predictably it has almost nothing to do with guns.

A gun (albeit not a Glock) makes 3 cameo appearances though:

@51 sec


@2min 36sec


@3min 4sec


The “Glock” looks like some sort of Beretta 92/M9 copy.

You gotta love how before she “Pops” the Glock, there is an audible spinning of a revolver cylinder … classic

I wonder if Glock will (or did?) give this record company a scare like they did to the rap record labels a while back? (reference to 2003 Forbes article – HERE)