force on force

This looks like it has potential:

In this gritty documentary, everyday citizens with a license to carry concealed firearms undergo ECQB Force on Force training, a form of specialty weapons training designed to enhance realism. In this unique form of training, students participate in scenarios which replicate potentially deadly force situations, in addition to replicating the stress and neurological responses experienced during actual life-threatening events.

I’ll definitely watch the full documentary whenever it comes out.  Force-on-force training interests me when it’s realistic.  This one doesn’t appear to have bamboo logs and lawn chairs, so things are already looking up for it.

I’m not too sure what’s going on at 1:04 in the video.   It looks to me like the concealed carrier, got out of his truck and entered a room to shoot someone in the back.  Isn’t that considered murder?

1:16 – This lady has an insatiable blood lust! :P  Look at that smirk when she talks about not knowing when it’s ok to take a life.

I’m sure some of you guys that are police have done a lot of this type of training.  I can see a training school for such a niche doing quite well for those that are bored with the standard shooting range targets and scenarios.


Hat tip: Chaos