Everything is heterosexual up until 0:28 seconds:

If you’re going to push and kick someone to simulate what “might” actually happen… at least do it with some authority.  Homie was straight feeling up on his friend, and giving him those weak little love tap kicks.  Get a room you two.

I’m just glad the video cut off before they started making out.  Just wait until the mom of the guy in the white tank top finds out what they have been using her basement for.

Bro-TrainingRoughly translated at the end the camera man jokingly asks tank top guy “Bro do you even train?”… his reply “I train hard like lions mane with concrete in it”.  No idea… is that a thing over there?


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The force is not strong with this one:

I wonder how long the problem took to diagnose? :P


Located on the U.S. Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan

Link to the map – HERE

I always considered Batman to be more of a “skunkworks” kind of guy. Whatever pays the bills though I guess… the batcave must be a bitch to keep warm in the winter.


What distinguishes groups like this one from a shooting club or re-enactment society is the prospect of actual bloodshed, which many Ohio Defense Force members see as real. Their unit seal depicts a man with a musket and tricorn hat, over the motto “Today’s Minutemen.” The symbol invites a question, Who are today’s redcoats?

Read the rest of the article at from TIME magazine – HERE

Not without its bias and the usual errors …

M-16s cut down the perimeter guards. Once past the rear gate, the raiders fanned out and emptied clip after clip in a barrage of diversionary fire.


Paratroopers drop from U.S. Air Force C-119 transport planes during an operation over an undisclosed location in Korea, in October 1950.

Full photo set – HERE


While mounting the M2 machine gun onto the turret system of his MATV during pre-combat checks, this soldier experienced difficulty inserting the locking pin on the MOD 93 machine gun mount.  The soldier then attempted to force the locking pin into place with a rock. After this failed, he then secured a loose .50 cal. round, using it to hammer at the locking pin, attempting to force the locking pin into place.  After several hits with the .50 cal. round, the primer activated, setting the round off in the soldier’s hand. Extensive injuries were suffered to his right hand, middle, ring and pinky finger.

See the official weapons safety message memo – HERE
*Warning Very Graphic*

It’s really unfortunate when Darwin comes for soldiers… but hitting a live round? COME ON.. how does he think his machine gun fires?  This incident would have been a bit more understandable if it occurred in the heat of combat, but the memo specifically states the soldier was mounting the M2 onto the turret, pre-combat.

On the bright side, I guess he get a ticket out of Trashcanistan.