forest city

Vigilant Spectre schools the internet on how to trollture test:

As unsafe as the Vigilant Spectre group of rascals are, many of them seem like funny guys.  I still don’t want to be within rifle range of any of their “operations” ever in my lifetime, but I’ll continued to be entertained by their shenanigans such as this.

Classic Vigilant Spectre filming infront of the muzzle,  at least the shooting is very controlled in this case *shrug*.  That front end loader bucket jerked awfully close to head head a few times… I cringed.

Watch that polo shirt in the Glock trigger guard Spectre!  That’s how ND’s happen.

Vigilant-Spectre-Trollture-TestMaybe we will even see VS in some ENDO Apparel someday?  Stranger things have happened.

The holster in the video is by Forest City Tactical.  Multicam Kydex is so hot right now.