According to member FREEFALLE7 this is a real sign at Fort Benning Georgia:


Wait, is there a Fort Benning in a province called Georgia in Canada?

Oh never mind… I guess gun registration is now mandatory here in the U.S.  too, especially on Army posts. :roll: thread – HERE


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The Five-SeveN pistol was released to the U.S. civilian market in 2004. Shortly thereafter, the Brady Campaign and a trio of anti-gun law enforcement organizations made the claim that the gun was a “cop killer.” This claim was based upon a misrepresentation of marketing materials discussing the pistol’s capabilities using SS190 armor-piercing ammunition and non-certified “tests” that were contradicted by more stringent and controlled testing done by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF).

Link to ATF test results:

Slower, heavier bullets such as those found in the .40 S&W and .45 ACP hollow point cartridges favored by American law enforcement dump most if not all of their energy in the human body. The difference between a wound from a 5.7 bullet and a .45 ACP is not dissimilar to the difference between the wound from an ice pick and the wound from a sledgehammer. The ice pick will penetrate far deeper, but the sledgehammer will cause far more traumatic injuries.

The simple fact of the matter is that there is good reason to believe that at least some of those wounded in Thursday’s shooting are alive today because of the 5.7 cartridge’s dubious capabilities.

Full article – HERE

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Because of the recent tragedy at Fort Hood, the topic of  “Gun Free Zones” is front and center.

Dustin from Dustin’s Gun Blog puts it into perspective:

Anybody willing to break the law in such a gruesome attack is not going to worry about a gun free zone policy. I imagine that the three minutes, while very fast for a Police response, seemed like an eternity to the defenseless victims who were stuck in the gun free zone while being shot at by the mad man.

Murdoc the GunPundit uncovers something very interesting:

“Gun control” banned from Ft. Hood news coverage

I always hold my breath in hope that “Gun Control” debates in the media will favor common sense… that rarely happens though :(

More cogent points from Vurrwapen Blog’s post on “Gun Free Zones”:

I believe that the answer is more personal responsibility – more people looking out for themselves. Gun control advocates want the government to take care of us as much as possible. They want more laws and more regulations. I want fewer laws and fewer regulations. I want more trained citizens to be able to carry, more of the time.

The hard lesson of these incidents is that active shooters will not stop until they are neutralized with gunfire. We will keep learning that even brave and well-trained police officers such as Officer Kimberly Munley cannot be everywhere, and by the time they are able to respond, dozens may be dead or dying.



Source: AFP

What a terrible day November 5th was.

I was not around to blog about the events at Fort Hood as they unravled, but in my absence my fellow bloggers definitely picked up the slack.

SayUncle has a time line of the media shenanigans that happened throughout the day – HERE

The suspect Nidal Malik Hasan is reported to be hospitalized.

There are reportedly 13 dead, and close to 30 wounded. – LINK

Thank god for Sargent Kimberly Munley for putting an end to it. – LINK