forward roll

Supercut film footage coming at you:

oprah-derp-faceFunny how some firearms instructors (Instructor Zero and Patriot Defensive Tactics to name a couple) teach rolls.  Yea yea I get it… sometimes you gotta get from A to B and impress someone at the same time.  Might not be a good decision from a longevity point of view though when in a gunfight.  *shrug* what do I know though.


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So advanced, most of you probably wouldn’t understand:

Patriot Defensive Tactics‘ instructor Bill Vasser is crazy for this one. If you want to train with him, click the link and holla at a playa on Facebook.

The only part of the video worth watching is that first 17 seconds.  After that it’s POV, and boring as hell.   Well, the POV roll at 1:43 is worth a LOL at least.

Patriot-Defensive-TacticsThoughts?  Will 2015 be the year of the forward roll?

Gat tip: HighCapacityTV, no uno


I know you’re going to want to add this to your bag of operational tricks:

Smooth / Operator AF right?  Hopefully no spinal injuries present on the injured.

Operator-Forward-Roll-Person-PickupIf the guy you picked up has functional arms, you can tell him to grab your pistol and shoot tangos, while you engage with your rifle.


Hat tip: Jason