My mind’s telling me no… MY BODY… MY BODY’s telling me yes:

The creator James Patrick sent this through to me… I read it over and you know I had to start up some R. Kelly to write this post to set the tone.


The details:

This is a gun made from printed plastic, some rubber, and a nail and the thing actually works! FP printed two barrels. The first is my design, completely plastic which lasted three rounds before a casing got stuck in the chamber. The second barrel was modified to accept a steel chamber insert. That second barrel lasted 15 rounds and then ruptured just forward of the chamber insert, with no injury to the operator (barrel was ejected to the left). But the important thing to take away from the test is that a printed barrel of just 22mm diameter can take the pressure of a .22LR cartridge as long as the barrel is held in compression. No more giant barrels to compensate for the low adhesion between printed layers! That’s a serious step forward in printed firearm technology.

All 3D printed except for a roofing nail for the firing pin, and some used condoms for springs.  Double barrel FTW!!!

Damn that’s too bad it only shoots the rarest ammo on earth atm :P

3d-printed-handgun-songbirdJames calls this design “The Songbird”… tons more pics over on his website, and his contact info if you want to badger him with questions.  He did this in conjunction with FOSSCAD, a cool open source CAD community you should check out if you’re not familiar.

I like where this 3d printing of guns thing is headed.  I bet 5 years from now we’re going to look back and be like wow look how far this has all come.

Thoughts?  Would prophylacticly operate with?



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