fps russia

FPS not really making many videos lately.  Here’s a new one though:

FPS-RussiaWhen he’s launching the barrels he said used this video as inspiration (GOODBYE SHOULDER! haha).

Are people actually buying this DP-12? I don’t think I’ve seen even once on a forum or anywhere else where someone has said they own one. I just automatically assume when a famous YouTuber make a video with it, they were either paid + given it for free… or at the very minimum just given it for free. 6 million+ subscribers probably means he doesn’t have to pay for any gun related stuff at all.


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They band together their resources and turn it up to 11:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtUgh they could have given that house to starving kids in Africa or the incoming Syrian “refugees”.

I like this video format… It felt a lot like watching a movie. It’s awesome there was so much empty land around the house to allow such shenanigans.

Thoughts? “Richie and the Russian” sounds like a good name for a band those two should form right? haha


FPS Russia does it just to do it:

Ehhhh / Meh.  I don’t know, it was cool I guess?  I think I mention this every time now, but FPS Russia really doesn’t have any heart in this game anymore.  His videos still get over a million views though, and several thousand comments so I imagine the money is still coming in all kinds of ways.

FPS-RussiaAt least most of the videos he’s doing are different than “I bought the new _____… watch me shoot it and give my opinion on it” type videos everyone else is doing.  I suppose he might just be annoyed and disappointed he’s running out of cool weapons to make videos about.  The high you’d get from shooting a mini gun from the hip and getting almost 13 Million views / 22 thousand comments is something I can’t even fathom.  1 Million views and a couple thousand comments after that is probably like a why even bother feeling?



FPS Russia:

FPS-RussiaI still watch his videos for the guns, but its like if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.  In the future he could just green screen his hands, and post production edit in 9000 different guns and come out with a video every day.  That’s basically what it’s like already but I’m assuming a lot more expensive and more work.



FPS Russia wearing ear and eye protection and shooting incendiary:

FPS-RussiaOmg proper safety… it’s a miracle.  Mattv2099 prophesied on the last Royal Nonesuch video I posted, that Royal is going to be the next big thing because of his disregard for safety.  FPS started out disregarding safety too.  Actually I think he has been wearing custom ear plugs for a while though, but they were flesh colored so they didn’t really stand out.

4:25 – LOL that paint can was coming for him!

Gotta be careful with incendiary that you don’t mess around and start a forest fire.


I like the brick wall in that gun store a lot!    Very classy.  I wish the mounts were a bit classier, but oh well.

FPS-RussiaGood info, probably some stuff people didn’t already know.  I like when guys (like them) make suppressors, and other NFA items seem very accessible… because they are.

hahha OH that ammo!