This looks intense:

superhot-video-gameSo ya time moves only when you move.  This looks like my type of game… one where my 33 year old reflexes won’t be constantly pwned by quick game engines and sassy 12 year olds.

Reminds me of Matrix / Max Payne, but less fancy and probably more fun.

Interestingly enough Superhot was a kickstarter project which raised ~$250,000 for it’s development.

You can buy SUPERHOT on Steam if you’re interested.  Let me know how it is, BECAUSE SON I DON’T PLAY GAMES (figuratively and literally haha :P).


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Corridor Digital does it up:

I feel like this is something I’ve seen from them and others a hundred times before, but it was still cool because the VFX were top notch and they actually used a whole bunch of hilarious / different weapons.  I wonder how long it takes them to make a video like this from start to finish now?  It sure looks like a lot of work but they have a lot of different guys doing different tasks so who knows.

Here’s an interesting “behind the scenes” showing the programs and techniques they used:

Corridor-DigitalCool stuff.  Thoughts?


This video company set this all up then left it up to unsuspecting people on chatroulette, omeagle, and skype to take control:

Behind the scenes worth watching if you like the video:

pew-pew-pew-video-gameGood stuff!  They did a nice job.  I had no idea that chatroulette and omeagle still exist.

Nice to see people coming up with unique things like this. Technology is crazy.



John Romero, the guy behind DOOM Wolfenstein and Quake:

Wolfenstein and DOOM are so badass.  I still remember playing those for the first time, how blown away I was.  Both were very creepy for their time too, with the ominous music, sound effects, and maps.  John uses the word “visceral”, which is definitely accurate.

4:12 – Interesting distribution strategy.  It’s basically the “FIRE MIXTAPE” type strategy where you give it away for free and it’s so amazing everyone of course takes it.  Then you get famous, then rich off later releases.

5:00 – I had that box.  Definitely sold it to some little shit at my parent’s garage sale back in the day though.

Doom-Video-Game5:10 – That sculpture is intense haha.

Damn, John’s game squad really did him dirty over some Quake beef.  Seems like that type of thing happens a lot. :/



An interesting concept called “Receiver” by Wolfire games:

A video showing the updates and guns that were added:

Made in only 7 days as a part of an FPS game programming challenge.  Shoot drones, and turrets while manipulating your 1911, Glock, or revolver realistically using the mouse and a lot of keys.  Nice touch that they made the Glock with an auto add-on.  Available over at Wolfire Games at an introductory price of only $5.

Receiver-Gun-FPSThe fact it’s an FPS without the P (person) is interesting until you realize that there’s basically just an “invisible” person.  Decent looking game for $5 nevertheless.  I like the fact that it’s open source too because if it catches on there are a lot of people that will do some really awesome stuff for it.



From the band Biting Elbows.  This is intense:

Despite the atrocious modified-teacup grip, this video was really well done.  I don’t feel like a person has truly “operated” until they’ve kicked the front of back window out of a vehicle to make it easier to shoot / see out of.

I really want to visit one of those retired military aircraft graveyards someday.  I’d even like to own something awesome like that to make a shed or a bunker out of.


Hat tip: Steven