FPS-RussiaMaybe it was just me, but the shotgun seemed louder in first part of this video than in the promo videos.  I’m sure the sensitive mic setup he’s likely running has a lot to do with that though.  Later on when he was shooting clays it seemed so much quieter.

Holy that thing is large though.  Looks like another shotgun receiver and a half attached the the front of the barrel.  I can’t imagine it’s all that light either.

ahhaha the Justin Bieber mannequin.



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FPSRussia answers some questions about his channel:

FPS-RussiaLOL I knew he wasn’t Russian obviously, but when he started talking in his regular voice at 0:21 my mind exploded.

I didn’t know what direction he was going to take this video, and if it would be interesting or not but it was really awesome… make sure you watch it if you’re a fan of him and/or his channel.

I honestly didn’t expect him to be such a personable guy… he seems really down to earth.

LOL that he shit on the UTAS-15 as the “worst gun he’s ever shot”.



9mm and .308, not the .300 BLK R.I.P. Ammo I blogged about yesterday:

So FPS thinks it’s a “very deadly self defense round (1:30)” even though the general consensus is that it’s a marketing gimmick.  Cool barely-even-putting-effort-into-forcing-the-accent story bro.  He’s got a white lab coat on though, so he must know what he’s talking about.

RIP-AmmunitionThat Kriss Sphinx looks pretty cool.  I haven’t really heard anything about them, but from some quick google searches they appear to be in the HK price range of $1000+. Meh, anything special about them I should be made aware of?

Pretty much a useless video besides a couple seconds of cool slow motion.



Bumpski (god I hate that name) and a Saiga AK-74:

FPS-RussiaSeems like the M.O. now is just to use gun X with accessory Y and shoot some paint, and softdrink bottles… oh and chickens this time.  I still like seeing the shooting so I watch them, but as I’ve been saying every time lately… this IS NOT the old FPSRussia.

Looks like the AK Bumpski (is that Ukrainian?) goes for $449, and the AR-15 one goes for an additional $250.  You better have loads of money to spend on ammo after that purchase! :P



FPSRussia tries to liven things up a bit:

FPS-RussiaShould have turned the TVs on. Should have showed footage of him loading the cartridges backwards into the magazine.  I don’t know… I still think the guy is still really off his game.  The videos just don’t have the same feel as they used to, because it seems like his heart isn’t in it.

That ACOG tho…



FPS-Dwingling-Fake-Russian-Accent shoots the FN SCAR:

fps-russia-logoThe best part about the scar is the shoe-like stock.  The 7.62x51mm round definitely makes nice work of concrete.

Maybe it’s just my “IMPRESS ME MOARRRRR” type attitude, but I feel his videos aren’t as exciting as they used to be.  It’s like he’s more mature now, and less fun.