Very beneficial info for pre-teen cowwadoody crowd that watches his videos:

1:00 – If you’re open carrying you’re trying to be an asshole to show everyone that you have a gun.

This has been beaten to death so many times, thank god FPSRussia put in his 2 cents… I always wondered what his thoughts were. From this point forward I’ll sleep like a newborn.



Pinning the greatest foreveralone FPS derps against one another in epic on and off screen competitions:

The greatest tag line I can think of would be “The only game these guys have… is onscreen”.

Isn’t FPSrussia’s 15 minutes up yet?  The guy has shot every gun known to man and blew up a zillion pounds of tannerite.  Know when to quit bro.

“The Controller” (which the video is a trailer for) starts today (Sept 20th).

Medal of Honor Warfighter won’t be out until October 23rd.  If you want it in hand quick after that date though make sure to pre-order a copy on Amazon.


Hat tip: Josh


For the love of god just shoot the damn guns in your videos:

He starts shooting at 2:37 if you want to skip to it.

I’m sick of hearing him talk.  Fire up the camera, make some shit blow up, butcher the accent for a few seconds, and go cash the checks.

Neat design for a shotgun.  From what we see in the video seems reliable… he does complain about experiencing hiccups when chambering rounds toward the end of the video though.



The weaker the accent is, the more fun he seems to have:

Tossing the binary explosive up into the air and shooting it was pretty cool, I never thought to do that.   That’s one way to make clay type shooting more interesting.

This was a fun video to watch, but they have been very predictable for a while now.



I’m not buying it:

That’s his office?  Heh right… looks like a set somewhere.  I don’t believe anything this guy does anymore.  I find it hard to believe a 26 year old guy with lots of money would have a dingy office with wood paneling, a mainly empty suspicious looking cabinet,  and zero stuff on the walls.  You never know though… I’ve been wrong once or twice before haha. :P

The NY reload holster (holster for two guns) is pretty neat.  The point of the video seems to be advertising for those companies he mentioned.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why treat your viewers like idiots and pretend that “i’m just showing you comrades around the office”?



At 6 minutes these vids are becoming too long:

5:30… the camera man catches a chunk of fridge in the arm.  Those guys are so dumb.  Unless you’ve never shot a gun outside of a video game I don’t know why you would ever think filling a fridge with binary explosives and standing that close would be considered safe.