Very controversial new video put out by the UK rapper M.I.A.:

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The 9 minute video features American police involved in some sort of redhead genocide, likely symbolic for something else.

I know what you’re thinking:

OH NOES GINGERCIDE! Where’s Carrot Top when you need him? Get Christina Hendricks and Lindsay Lohan to safety at once!!!

On another note… the flag patches are backwards on all the police uniforms, which is probably intentional.

The song doesn’t really appeal to me, but the video is pretty well done.

NOTE: I embedded both the YouTube and Vimeo versions of the video because the YouTube one is/was banned in lots of countries when it came out a couple days ago.


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Jessie Abbate is a free agent.

No longer with Team Glock, the USPSA’s top female shooter is looking for a new gun company sponsor. While Sig and S&W are rumored to be looking at Abbate, no announcement was made at the USPSA Area 6 match.

Full Story – HERE

Check out her website – HERE

I am curious why she is no long with Glock.  Could it be that her contract was up, and when she asked for a raise Glock wasn’t interested?

Seems kind of dumb of them to drop a winner, unless she was asking for a ridiculous amount of money.

Anyone know for sure what happened?


I usually go into Barnes & Nobel and get a Starbucks coffee once every couple of months, and partake in some knowledge theft, mainly of gun magazines.  They definitely encourage it though, considering they have comfortable chairs everywhere.  I’ve even seen people asleep in them with a book in their hand. Anyways, my knowledge theft will consist of one less magazine now that I know GUNS magazine is available in full for FREE online.

If you want to catch up on back issues, April 2009 until June 2010 (not sure why its almost 2 months early, but I’m not complaining) are available – HERE

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Rob from has a few great comparison charts that he was kind enough to make public.

These charts cover all major brands, and should make it a lot easier to narrow down your next purchase based on your wants and needs.


Although these charts seem to be updated from time to time, they may not be right up to the current date.  They are meant as a guide, so do your own due diligence when finally deciding what to purchase.