This woman is getting a boudoir fit off, talking that 2nd amendment talk:

Like a thotty Thomas Jefferson posted up in a Super8 motel bathroom with the Samsung phone on record.  This popped up in my “recommended videos”😂

Oh man the fact the video is a whole minute and a half blows my mind… I kept thinking the whole time “Hmmmm 🤔 where is this going exactly…”

Thots? Thoughts? There are another couple “interesting” videos on her channel, including one of her thanking a Tucson police officer for his service and he’s like “Uhhhh what exactly are you doing” to which she replies: “I’m just filming the lights.” Then you can tell he’s thinking, whatever I’m sorry I asked and he gets back in his car. Quality content from her you should be thankful you’re getting for free.

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I’m surprised Discovery Channel would even touch this guy with a 10ft pole:

I don’t like how he long ago appointed himself as the spokesperson for gun lovers in America, and companies are continually jumping on board with that.   Entertaining enough guy, but I really have no use for his outspoken political rants.

The show starts October 10th, 2012 on Discovery Channel.

I hope the show contains lots of good slow motion shots, and footage of guns I can’t afford.  If it’s like that I’ll watch it, but if it’s jam packed with off the wall redneck style derp then I’ll pass.


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In Memory Of Those Who Served Our Great Country.

The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.

– Thucydides


I was sent this today from Bushmaster:

Drake from Magpul dumps 10 rounds with the 14.5″, then proceeds to switch it out for the 10.5″  barrel in no time flat and shoots 10 more. Pretty slick system.

The ACR looks pretty awesome with the 10.5″ on it!

Bushmaster is taking requests for any specific ACR videos you guys would like to see.

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I really like the particle effect with the mud, water, and ice in the video.

As I was posting this article I realized that similar footage was released in the Leaked Remington ACR Promo Video that came out right before the last shot show.  The rifle in that is FDE ( Flat Dark Earth ) colored though, and this one is black.

I forget, is FDE the “new” black?  Or is it multicam that all the high-speeds are now rocking?

Bushmaster has a shiny new YouTube channel dedicated to the ACR – HERE

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When someone not in uniform carries a gun in public, they are in effect saying “I could kill you, if I chose.” Which in turn poses an immediate threat to my own freedom of speech, freedom of action, freedom to congregate and freedom to be in public spaces.

So does driving a car make the same statement then?

Open carry advocates claim they are protecting the public by being a secondary, informal police force. Personally, I prefer the trained, publicly accountable and regulated police force. I know the rules that law enforcement are obligated to protect. I do not know what laws, regulations, whims or prejudices govern the behavior of someone I have never seen before who is carrying a weapon.

Publicly accountable? hahhaha  How often is a police officer held accountable for their actions when they do something wrong?

Also, the last part I put in bold I found especially hilarious.

Full Article at Huffington Post – HERE

It feels like a troll article.. written to get some traffic to the site. If that’s the case I suppose I fell for it, because the author does such a good job of being blatantly ignorant.

What do you guys think?