Playas gonna play, all at the Frisco, TX luxury shooting range:



“One of the differences from your typical gun range is when you walk in this building, is it feels a little more like walking into a high-end department store,” said Brandon Johnson, the club’s vice president of marketing.

Annual memberships vary from $200 to $800 based on benefits and any monthly dues. The most elite facilities, like Frisco and Centennial, also offer VIP packages with one-time initiation costs of $7,500 and $9,250, respectively, and monthly dues of $200.

“I wouldn’t say really glamour,” he said. “It’s just trying to put together a cleaner, more professional image than what has been the normal range, retail layout.”  Concrete floors and polished metal decor give Lock & Load Miami a nightclub feel.

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As long as deep V necks, and Von Dutch hats are outlawed, you know… for safety reasons!  ;)

I cringe every time I see or hear “Gun Culture 2.0” used.  Definitely a term made up by some old guy trying to be “hip like the youngsters”.

The Frisco Gun Club has a website you can check out to see if you can hang.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever been there?

Hat tip: Taylor the GF


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