Same dude, different food:

haha why not!  I hope hollywood switches up and uses a twinkie or a pineapple for an assassination in a movie sometime rather than the played out potato or pillow.

This is the same guy who came out with the twinkie silencer for the .22 LR yesterday.

You pipehitters have any thoughts?  Is this guy poking the NFA beehive a little too much for your comfort level?  All good as long as the pineapple isn’t attached?

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Royal-Nonesuch-CO2-12GA-ShotgunWith a few notable exceptions, people rarely ever thank me for blogging non-stop about them.  I’ll live because luckily I do this for the LULz, not the thank-yous.

Oh look he bought eyepro finally.  They look like the $1 harbor freight specials, but at least they are something.  Bad news is he’s still using shitty earbud headphones for ear protection.



This is next level / neva been done befo’:

The technology used for this experiment was invented by Dr. Shigeru Ito. A professor emeritus, at the University of Kumamoto (Current principal at Okinawa National College of Technology).  The experiment in this spot was all conducted by the staff of the Pulsed Power Japan Laboratory which took place at their lab.  For the sake of safety, simulated explosives were used for some scenes.

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-T-ShirtI don’t know enough about the physics behind this all to know if this is actually real.  If it is something which really can be done, that’s pretty damn cool… expensive, but cool.

I can’t believe the Japanese beat us in the internally liquified fruit race… how embarrassing. heheh

Richard Ryan should try this out with some of his fancy explosives and film it with his fancy cameras!  It’s even begging for Mattv2099 to come full out of retirement and do Fruit Assassin episodes solely based on this method.




A video Richard Ryan recorded for the Prank vs Prank bro I blogged about yesterday:

Chip-Chocolate-Fruit-AssassinThis video has it all… slow motion footage of exploding fruits and vegetables, guns, dual wielding, a dookie-rope chain with a gigantic cookie hanging from it, binary-explosive rigged broccoli.

haha all in good fun.

Hat tip: Mattv2099


A Del Monte x Dole collab as you can see:


High capacity assault clips oh my!

Who knows maybe if there’s another war, companies like Dole and Del Monte really will start stepping up and manufacturing AR-15 magazines with their current equipment?  Stranger things have happened.

Actually, it’s important to remember… 30 is standard.


This is awesome:

Trust the retard with the deagle to ruin it for everyone.

Stop-motion sure looks like a lot of work.