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The Holy Grail.  Looks legit *snicker*:





Let me start off by saying I know… every time I troll anyone who makes a product it’s because “I’m jealous”.  Haters gonna hate, I get it guys… I really wish I would have thought of the notch hat, tactical arm tape, etc… and of course the above shirts.

I mean look at those designs…. they were practically handed down to whoever runs Redneck Nation Clothing by Jesus himself.  “Go forth and maketh millions” he said before turning a bunch of water into wine and partying down with the guys.  DJ Disciple on the Technics *record scratch sounds* *bomb drop sounds* *thunder sounds* *choir of angels sounds*, no pyro for obvious reasons.

Did Jesus call Magazines clips?  If my above scenario was correct, it would appear he did.

Handguns are badass as is… but handguns in slide lock? Yea that’s pretty much Tier -13 when it comes to gun related t-shirt design.  I’ll be kicking myself for years to come knowing I wasn’t the guy who started that trend.

FullClipBuy all their shirts over at Full Clip Gear, then take pictures of yourself on Instagram, @mention me in them along with #HatersGonnaHate.


Hat tip: Cliff


The Brady Campain probably wouldn’t like it for a future ad spot though, because at 1:47 Guru raps:

“I’m like 2 magazines fully loaded to your one / plus I ain’t gonna quit spittin / ’till you’re done”

The Brady bunch doesn’t know wtf magazines even are.

(If you don’t get the joke see HERE and HERE)



I’d have to say you would definitely need cops, unless you plan on taking all the bullets out of your “full clips” and putting them into magazines which your gun will accept.

Busta, Xzibit, please refer to – http://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2009/10/24/difference-between-a-magazine-and-a-clip/

Even though I normally like movies in this genre (Menace II Society, Boys N The Hood, etc..) I will be avoiding this one like swine flu.

Source: IMDB page – HERE