full conceal

First off, RIP Full Conceal *kisses two fingers and raises to the sky*.. gone too soon ūüėŹ:

Holy that vid is intense.. a lot of time and attention to detail is required for a build like that.

Not even a Drake shoutout could save Full Conceal.  Since the company is done for, I vote for them releasing the schematics of the parts.  Would be funny to see the 3d printing guys go to town with the mods.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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From the first verse on Never Recover with Lil Baby & Gunna, from the album Drip Harder.

I bring up money, they change up the topic
I got a 19 and it fold in my pocket
She gave me her number, now I gotta block it
I’m mixin’ the dirty bills in with the profit

I still don’t want one even slightly.. but the shoutout was badass. It’s one of the hardest tracks on the album tbh.¬† Obviously next to Drip Too Hard.¬† That is the song of the fall, fight me if you disagree ūüėŹ.

If you care to read more about Full Conceal, and your life is really suffering because your Glock doesn’t have a hinge on it you can hit up the link.

Thoughts?¬† Yea I probably shouldn’t have asked that, because I’m guessing most of you guys have “Drake” on the list of things you don’t care about… right next to Full Conceal.

ūüėā¬†UPDATE: Full Conceal is responding to comments on the Instagram post I made, including calling one of the commenter’s girlfriend “fat” in retaliation for his statement that lint would collect in the Full Conceal gun. *smh*


Oh man a new development in this derp… this is money:

So the model 1 you see at the start of the video is the same derpy setup I blogged about a while back. ¬†Whatever. ¬†So I was about to close the video, but then gloriously at 0:26 seconds we see the model 2… ARE YOU ACTUALLY SHITTING ME? ¬†A foldable trigger which is then exposed when you pull that magazine derp attachment off the front of your gun.

The FullConceal website is the place to “reserve your spot” in line for one of these beauts. Use the code “JustFuckMeUpFam” for 0% off.



“Full Conceal” calls it a new product guys… oh look they also put a awkward mag holder in front of the barrel. ¬†What could possibly go wrong?


Meh.  No bricks were shit when I saw this thing, either in anger or admiration.

People cutting down the grips of various Glock frame sizes is nothing new. ¬†This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone position a magazine on the Glock in such a way which it would really expedite the process of someone shooting themselves in the hand though, when they don’t listen to the inevitable ¬†“don’t load this gun unless a magazine is seated” warning.

It’s products like this that make me really not in a rush to ever to go SHOT show. ¬†I’d rather someone else wade through booth after booth of trash products and useless ideas, which I can quickly scroll through pics of online.

Rather than selling a new non-Glock frame to people, I think they’d have better luck cutting people’s frames down for them + attaching that shoot-myself-in-the-hand magazine holder to the frame. ¬†That is, if in¬†some alternate universe¬†a large number of people actually like this idea.

Here’s some more marketing:


You can visit the Full Conceal website if you care. ¬†There’s no price on it yet, but if you want to shoot yourself in the hand today I have confidence¬†you can find a quicker and cheaper way.