Oh damn, my boy Richie firing shots at the beginning of this vid:

His videos aren’t “family friendly” enough apparently haha.  I didn’t even realize Full30 was still around until someone sent me a link a couple months ago… it appears they are still in operation.  Good for them I guess, as I didn’t think it would last long according to my 2014 prediction here.  If you click through to the YouTube video, most of the comments regarding Full30 are less than positive as well.  I’m still not sure why people think preroll ads which you can’t skip is acceptable, but for some people it must be.  The comments on Royal Nonesuch’s video

3:16 – ENDO sticker made it to my former future step son’s crotch rocket.  That made my night.



It’s “free” but currently the actual cost is high:

Full30 is the site.

I really really love when people work hard on something they are passionate about.  What I don’t like when the delivery system increases MY barriers to consumption of their product.  The fact you need a seperate account to comment and can’t embed videos on external websites are just a couple of the major problems with Full30.

This isn’t the first, and likely not going to be the last startup that tries to beat YouTube at their own game.  You might recall a massive failure called YoungGunsTV which made big promises of fame and fortune to almost all of our favorite gun related YouTuber’s a while back.  There’s a rumor that YoungGunsTV is coming back, but I don’t really see why, or what could possibly be different this time.

I get the main motivation for Full30 is that “Google is anti-gun”.  Yea well sure, that’s not a shocker but until they actually ban gun related content why reinvent the wheel and replace it with a shitty less functional wheel?  I don’t know what kind of promises Full30 has with it’s content providers, but I’m guessing it’s along the same lines as what YoungGunsTV did.  Just because there are several million active gun video consumers every day on YouTube, you can’t use that in your forecasting of how many people are going to visit your new competing video website.  That’s the biggest mistake people always make; the “If you build it they will come” delusion.  The reality is that Full30 needs it’s content providers a hell of a lot more than they need Full30.  I was actually surprised to see 22Plinkster, IV8888, MAC, and Forgotten Weapons already on there.  To me it’s not in their best interest to spread different content (I’m assuming) onto an unproven, brand new website, and alienate their loyal YouTube audience in the process… but what do I know? Anyone have one of the contracts or the details so I can see what’s in it for the content providers?

Full-30-Gun-Content-LogoIf you’re going to compete with YouTube or any other high quality globally popular website or service out there, you should at least have a unique value proposition.  Full30 does not appear to have one, from what I can see.  I really do hope they are successful with this, make the site even better and nicer than YouTube, and make their content providers all way more money than YouTube was paying them.  I won’t be holding my breath.