Funker Tactical

TrAiN LiKe YoU FiGhT:

The music… the quick cuts… the zoom, the buzzwords… classic FuNkEr eDiTiNG right there 👌.

I’m not saying Todd is not making sense… he might be (I haven’t crunched the numbers yet… you know.. carried all the ones and avoided dividing by zero), I just gotta snicker a bit when people seemingly pay show up to these things and it turns into a college lecture on neuroscience.  In my head I’d just be thinking *bruh… when are you going to quit talking so I can start talking shit at the fake assailant I’m matched with, and Mozambique him with the SIRT?*  If you’re not Mozambiquing in EVERY scenario with the SIRT are you even training?

90% SIRT Training / 10% Live Fire he says.



Make some bodies turn cold:

He’s not that far away, but I bet I’d at least get a few flyers.

While were on the topic of Instrucor Zero, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this video by the Funker Tactical marketing machine:

haha the transitions and the derp scans.  So good.

Thoughts? Did Zero finesse a boutique coffee shop latte at least with that skill demo? Or are we talking some swill from McDonalds he has to drink with GN heavily breathes double cheeseburger air on him?


Oh you know, ye old “I’m going to tell you what to do and how to react, then I’m going to disarm you”:

Very close quarters, a shitty slow draw, a wall etc… etc…

Pure entertainment from the Funker tactical marketing machine.  I was just waiting for him to say some outrageous click bait shit like “I’m going to do something counterintuitive… I’m going to something counterintuitive… I’m going to lick the back of his elbow”.

As always, I’m not saying “THIS WON’T WORK”.  I’m just saying, there’s always million variables.  Like maybe while you’re grabbing this idiots gun with both hands and trying to wrestle it away from him, he casually pulls a knife out of his pants and stabs you until you let go?  Oh but this is Funker we’re talking about so I’m sure there’s some sort of sweep maneuver to use the attackers own energy against him and cause him to stab himself.

On a related note, since the instructor references the fact he (the victim of the attack) is carrying a gun.. why isn’t that used instead of / before getting into this CQB melee, not after?  Like I said… a lot going on.  I still also always think, is my watch, my wallet, cash, credit cards, shoes etc… worth putting my life on the line for?  As a matter of principle I really would like to see every criminal who goes around committing armed robberies shot in the face in self defense by whoever they are attacking, but in reality I’m sure at least most of the potential victims (myself included) would just rather not have that conversation with law enforcement if for no other reason than it potentially making me late for dinner, or a coffee or beer I had already planned on drinking at a specific time.  Oh you want to pull a gun on me and demand my _______?  Sure, go for it; you can have it you piece of actual garbage.  Stuff like that catches up to people eventually, one way or another.  If it was something valuable, I’m sure I can easily come up with the $ for the deductible for the insurance I likely have on it, and then move on with my life and evaluate what I did wrong (if anything) to end up in such situation.



The marketing machine fired up and made this “your reality training isn’t realistic” type video:

Neva bin done befo as usual.  This comment by CircaSriYak cracked me up:

I’m fucking sick of this retarded fad of trying to “Out-reality” everybody else. You think you’re that edgy kid preaching truth to power, when really its been done to fucking death.

I’m just sick of hearing “Yeah kid, that’s some awesome skill and solid tactics BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHY YOU DON’T STAND IN A CHANCE IN A “REAL” FIGHT.”

Fuck OFF

Call the burn unit.  Get that Funker man some cold water and prescription ointment.

There are actually quite a few more burns in the comments.  Another favorite of mine is by T Saxondale – “My BS is not as BS as your BS”. ahhaha.

Thoughts?  What’s with the smooth beat in the background with the sexy sax outro?  That Aperture logo is pretty cool.. shield with the camera aperture and “Fight Focused” underneath.


The Funker Tactical marking machine is red lining again.  Grabbing the muzzle of your own gun in a life or death CQC scenario:

LOL that intro with the train and the zooming… I’m hooked. hahhahaha

Oh this guy is a cop?  I never would have guessed by the haircut 😂.

This video really didn’t need to be 13 minutes… but you know YouTubes algorithms and all that I hear don’t favor shorter videos, so naturally here we are staring at this dude for almost a quarter of an hour.

I never pretend to know what good tactics are for cops or anyone else.  I just post videos, make a few witty (mostly dumb) comments and move on with my day.  I know I’d probably shoot myself in the hand “pressure testing” this, but I’m also lower speed than these guys and most of you.  There seems like a lot of things that could go wrong with this, like around the 8:50 mark he does touch on the fact that if you push the slide reward at all it’s going to take the gun out of battery.  That to me seems like a good reason not to do this method… sure I guess the “pulling with the lead hand” can eliminate this as they mention, but is that a sure thing that under stress people will remember to do that? *shrug*

It seems like grabbing your muzzle surfaces every year or two worked into some type of keeping-you-alive technique.



I have spare time today, but you better believe I’m not watching FUNKER x VODA for a damn hour and half:

The Funker marketing machine knows what they are doing though, I’ll say that much.  VODA’s shitshow is the hot topic right now in the gun community.  I’m sure the video contains tons of “because racism”, “I’m an educator”, “I’m an innovator”, and various other chest puffed out stuff VODA always gasses himself up on.  The guy is a menace pure and simple.  Judging by the few comments I read on the above YouTube video, people are pretty outraged this guy was given a platform to talk his slick talk.

Thoughts?  Did you watch it? 😂

Gat tip: b3dlam, california_guncontrol