Funker Tactical

This guy Maestro Fresh Fred think he slick:

I’ll never figure out why they feel they need to mess up the color on some of their videos, like they are trying to be a damn tactical Tarantino film or something.  The Funker Tactical marketing machine must have did a focus group, which resulted in the housewives and part time sheephitters deeming the coloring to look more “edgy”.  Don’t even get me started on the music choices.  Oh and the flamboyantly clickbaity titles *eye roll*.

1:29 – He says bad guys don’t use retention holsters, they just stuff it in their pants.

Like most disarms, I would like to see how well any of this would work without a “willing” opponent.

You better believe I’ll be trolling all of Fred Mastro‘s videos for some additional gold.

Thoughts?  Uggggggggghhhh *heavy sigh* I don’t know guys….. I just don’t know.  Seems like everyone has a defense “program” and/or a “system” they are selling nowadays.


Ryan Hoover from Funker Tactical:

You can skip to 1:06 if you don’t want to listen to GN talk.

Note: GN says not to take this “out of context” because the entire DVD video on pistol disarms is 2 hours. haha OH I’LL TAKE IT OUT OF CONTEXT GN, DON’T TRY AND BOSS ME AROUND. :P

Worth watching I guess, but I still think it’s pointless with a “cooperative scumbag” in the scenario, who also isn’t actually given the opportunity shoot anything.  If you’re trying to prove something works, then prove it properly.

Funker-Tactical-Handgun-DisarmingWhat do I know about disarms?  Absolutely nothing, but this looks like the type of thing that could POSSIBLY work… but it also possibly might not work.

Thoughts?  Are you going to try your luck and buy the 2 hour dvd and attempt to transform into a pistol snatching professional?


Ya ok, makes sense regarding the closeness:

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsI still think his disarms look VERY wishful though.  I want to see full speed full force, no cooperation from the “criminal”.

The two guys with ponytails practicing disarms from a couple days ago was so epic.



Daisy-Dukes-Back-Pocket-HolsterTactical workspace t-rex, then some good advice at 0:43.  Wow he actually said to “look at your holster”… that’s something I wouldn’t expect from the high speed low drag Funker Tactical Instructor Zero marketing engine.

Thoughts?  Would add a finger spin and catch phrase before the look re-holster?


Funker Tactical had me ROFLing with this one:

I still question the usefulness of pulling all your punches and kicks and jabs and replacing them with *doosh* *doosh* and *pssssshhhht* sound effects in “training”.  Additionally, who is this geared towards?  Krav Maga masters?  I don’t know the stats, but I’m guessing most robberies don’t end in homicides if the criminal gets what they want and can leave ASAP.  You start pulling fancyboy moves on them though and if you mess up it seems to me you just increased your chances of turning a simple robbery into your last day on earth.  Again, please correct me if I’m totally off base with this type of thinking.  I’m not saying the mechanics of the movements don’t make some sense, but there are just a load of variables.

2:05 – BLADE at 45! BLADE at 45!

2:10 – LOL man he better live… can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to die with those shoes on?  The homies would be like “oh Hell NAW, Hoov’s (Ryan Hoover’s new street name) went out like a bitch in those lady flyknits for real cuz!”

Reminds me of this video I posted on my Instagram (LOL even hit it with Krav Maga caption… so perfect):

*dussh dushh* *dussh dushh* #KravMaga

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Funker-Tactical-Handgun-DisarmingThoughts?  Would attempt disarm?  Would just give the wallet (or better yet a fake wallet you carry for this scenario) up?


Sweet mother of god, it’s a gun not a Houdini proof 37 digit combination lock.  His other reason not to use an attackers gun on them is that you “might end up hitting an 8 year old girl that’s an innocent bystander”?  He also says he wouldn’t throw the gun away… so NOW he has a useless paperweight in his hand and he’s still trying to “finish the fight” with the tools he had when it started.  Are all Krav Maga guys like this?  It’s a serious question.

everything-could-be-a-trollI don’t see a problem with trying the gun at least once.  Sure it might have the safety on, or not have a round in the chamber… but if you’ve shot a few different guns you know what to do.  I imagine if you trained for it, it would come even easier.  Seems stupid to me not to try considering you now have what basically amounts to a confrontation ender in your hands.  Beating someone with their own gun, or incapacitating them with your ill hand to hand skills makes for a lot cooler of a story to tell your friends though I’ll give him that.

I’m starting to think that it’s not only the Instructor Zero videos which are being made to troll.  Anyone else feel that way too?