haha nice:

I’ve only heard a couple of those, so that was pretty dece.


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while:

Readers-Of-One-Gun-Blog-See-AnotherLOL We all have our niches and the stereotypes that surround them.

It’s good to see gun blogging flourishing like it is. The Firearm Blog is a true OG in the gun blog game. The way the original owner Steve ran that site years ago partially inspired me to start ENDO in 2008. The Truth About Guns, although newer (est. 2010) as a whole is a beast, and definitely in it for the long run… that is unless the owner Robert Farago gets made an offer he can’t refuse by the mainstream media, and takes it because the lure of twelve more Ferraris, matching gold 1911s, Saddam’s AK-47, and more oceanfront property is too strong. ;) Keep up the good work guys.

I know saying this is probably redundant because you guys follow those blogs already too, but if not make sure to hit the links above to check them out.


Like the “girls + guns = win” formula I talk about, adding animals and guns is also usually pretty good.


Crimson Trace delivers:

Check out the full site that includes Tactical Tubesocks – HERE



Those damn lobbyists… always messing up our fun.


To promote their new album coming in 2011:

Those guys are hilarious.  Their first album was dope too (for a gag album).

Someone needs to teach that one guy how to hold an AR-15 though. hehe