G.I. Joe

I blogged about the first trailer a while back and actually forgot about the movie since then.  Turns out it actually doesn’t even come out until June 29th 2012.

This trailer makes me want to see the movie even more.  Looks like back to back mindless awesomeness.

Anyone know where I can get a canister of electronic recon flys?  A motorcycle that seperates into multiple RPGs?  An Adrianne Palicki perhaps?

Let me know…


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I haven’t seen the first one (The Rise Of Cobra) yet, but I have to say this sequel looks entertaining… Specifically scenes starting at 2:05 and 2:29.

I love that song they remixed for the trailer, White Stripes – 7 Nation Army.  Full remix version – HERE (it’s got a dubstep feel to it)


Makes for one high speed low drag Christmas:

It’s actually custom made from a G.I. Joe action figure.

Check out more pics – HERE

Hat tip: Aaron