Definitely my favorite gun (besides the G18)

Hickok45-YoutubeI love Hickok45, but I literally can’t even deal with these 20+ minute videos he often puts out now.  Who has time for that?I bet if he looked at his analytics it would be a bunch of random clicks around the time ribbon.  Treading Nutnfancy length territory.  After I wrote that I though I better fact check so I went over to Nutnfancy’s page and the 3 newest videos are around 35 minutes haha. *smh*

Thoughts? Do you prefer shorter < 5 min videos as well?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Phuc Long from Firepower United gives it to us on the low:

Phuc-Long-Firepower-UnitedROFL this guy is a legend among men.  NRA needs to hire him.  I’m going to keep repeating that, because it worked when I repeated dozens of times that the NRA should hire MrColionNoir, when he was on the come up. Speaking of the come up… Premiere and AZ always bring it.

If your life is missing an LAV Grey Glock, hit up my dudes Glockmeister and add to cart.



Mattv2099’s old faithful G17:

Mattv2099-Standard-301:35 – I hope he turns this “Scuzzy Skeeter” into a full blow Demolition Ranch style character.  He definitely needs to be very controversial with it too… Can’t do the gay thing because Demolition Ranch’s Creepy Cooter is already gay.  Scuzzy Skeeter is going to have to be a feminist tranny with anger management issues at the very least.  I have no idea what that character sounds like at the moment, but I bet she’s fierce.

3:50 – “The takedown levers are completely full of chocolate”  LOL then he rapid fires in order to melt the chocolate so he can field strip the gun.  That’s too legit.  I can’t even.

Holy and he’s at 111,413 subscribers now!  Amazing.  I see a million without breaking a sweat within 5 years.  Next stop, Glock sponsorship with private jet privileges.   YOU TUBE MONEY SON *Brrrrrrrrap brraaaaaap sound of clips being dumped*



Oh wow, I didn’t expect this!

mericaNo steel liner or steel feed lip area like a an OEM Glock magazine.  I’m looking forward to drop tests and various torture tests on these.  Mattv2099 trollture even is bound to happen.

Smart they did it for 9mm Glocks too… not that .380 bullshit. :P

Priced at $16 and made in the USA! *USA USA USA*  I’m sure Magpul will put it up on their site sometime after SHOT.


Mattv2099 jams twinkies inside a Glock for lube:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelBig surprise (not) the Glock can take it.  That gun of his has really seen some shit… wooooooooo.

I’m starting to lose track of what it actually didn’t still function after… the list is short I know that.


Mattv2099 with some fall trollture:

Pumpkin-Pie-Glock-TrolltureShout out to Libby’s for the illest pumpkin pie mix.  I used to make mean scones with that back when I lived at my parents place.  Oh shit I slipped up… my ENDO persona relied on me being a permanent parent’s basement dweller, the empire will now crumble much like delicious pie crust in the video.

The creepy factor shot up 1000% in this one because he didn’t even say a word until three and a half minutes in, after he spiked the glock into the pie like a boss.