Mattv2099 wax on wax off:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-Trollinghaha never used it since the 80s, and sure enough they would know it’s missing.  Yeah sounds familiar, parents gonna be parents.

It boggles my mind how Glock (the company) hasn’t put Matt on the payroll yet for testing and evaluation.  It’s been painfully clear Glock could use some help in the Marketing department.

So the G17 will operate in a Turtle Wax operation… good to know.


Mattv2099 operates in scientific caliente operations:


haha @ the start of the video… I would have thought Matt would be running some type of tactical plastic bag over the camera so cleanup would be a breeze.

My eyes and nose were burning just watching the video, he might as well have sprayed himself in the face with pepper spray.

Matt truly is creating a valuable knowledge base for future generations by exploring what the Glock can take.



Marshmallows. Delicious but deadly.  Mattv2099 is a sucker for punishment:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelMATT AIN’T AFRAID OF NO KABOOM!  LOL what an absolute disaster.  I can’t even imagine how annoying that must have been to clean.  I probably would have just filled up a container with solvent and threw everything in it for a while first.  If that didn’t work, I would hit the internet: “For Sale: Glock 17 – CHEAP, AS IS, comes with free gloves. (Don’t ask questions)” haha.

Matt is operating in the Run Guns t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



As you can see… there is no reason a civilian should own a board with an assault dowel:

Mattv2099-OperatorName a sporting purpose!  I’ll wait… :P  Also I think it goes without saying, but high capacity assault clips should should also be banned.

I love how guy in the first clip is rocking the ear pro up on his dome, not over the ears.  What a boss.  Looks like he learned his lesson after that though.

Mattv2099 steady engaging beast mode, shitting on pseudo operators on the reg.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever make a board with an assault dowel?


Police bodyguards protecting the Royals and the Prime Minister are being armed with ‘baby’ guns in a bid to recruit more women officers to the role.

Often seen as a ‘girl’ gun in the hands of female detectives in TV programmes like CSI Miami and Criminal Minds, the Baby Glock is smaller, lighter and easier to use for those with smaller hands.

Full Story – HERE

If you can’t shoot a Glock 17, you aren’t going to be able to shoot a Glock 26.  Giving the women the option of the G26 as their primary gun is a mistake if you ask me. The G26 is approximately 1.25″ shorter in height, which make make it a bit easier for some of them to hold, but the barrel length is around 1″ shorter on the G26 which isn’t a great when accuracy is paramount.  I’d much rather see them train on both guns, and have the G26 as a backup. Another big downside is the fact that the standard capacity of the G26 is only 10 rounds, compared to 17 rounds for the G17.

From my personal experience, the G26 is much more susceptible to malfunctions; especially when it comes to limp wristing my full size Glocks are a lot more forgiving. Anyone else find this as well?

Finally, I could be wrong, but I doubt there are too many women out there that are thinking to themselves “I’d love to be a police officer… if only the guns held less ammo, and were a bit shorter for my little hands”


Glock with suppressor

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