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birdman-hand-rubNice… these guys Movie Armaments Group from Toronto Canada did this lil Glock 19 wrist thang up for the Suicide Squad movie.  Looks like it could be problematic for safety reasons if it weren’t just blank firing.

I haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet, but Twitter tells me it sucks.  Any thoughts on that?

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Phuc Long from Firepower United gives it to us on the low:

Phuc-Long-Firepower-UnitedROFL this guy is a legend among men.  NRA needs to hire him.  I’m going to keep repeating that, because it worked when I repeated dozens of times that the NRA should hire MrColionNoir, when he was on the come up. Speaking of the come up… Premiere and AZ always bring it.

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Oh wow, I didn’t expect this!

mericaNo steel liner or steel feed lip area like a an OEM Glock magazine.  I’m looking forward to drop tests and various torture tests on these.  Mattv2099 trollture even is bound to happen.

Smart they did it for 9mm Glocks too… not that .380 bullshit. :P

Priced at $16 and made in the USA! *USA USA USA*  I’m sure Magpul will put it up on their site sometime after SHOT.


Glock threw these G19 pics up on their Facebook page:



Source – Glock Facebook

SWEET, that case really came through.  Maybe it’s melting temperature is just really low though? I don’t know.  Now you know you’ll be able to operate in house fire operations with it.




Yea.. this doesn’t look good:

Part I:

Part II:

There’s a discussion in the AR15.com thread – HERE

The latest update is that he sent the gun back to Glock to examine.


Glock with suppressor

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