For those of you under the age of 20, this has nothing to do with FPS Russia:

I was never very good at pac-man.

Too stressful of a game once the ghosts get smarter.


There’s a game up on the YouTube channel of the New Zealand Army:

The graphics are awesome. But… it’s difficult to control, and the 4x ACOG coupled with the shooters asthma starting pissing me off very quickly.

I made it up to level 9 before I wanted to smash my computer to tiny pieces… proof:

The game is at the top of their YouTube page – HERE


I like the features, and the guy’s enthusiasm.  The guns look VERY weak though… Almost like someone took a thick sheet of plastic, cut out the general shape of a gun and put stickers it.

I’m glad they at least kept the expected *Pew pew pew* sound.

I can’t find a website, so I don’t have any more info on this.


Coming out this April for the iPhone and iPod Touch:

The gun has two triggers, left and right. The left trigger fires normal guns at the aliens who appear on the screen and the right trigger fires stun bombs. The camera on the front of the iPhone shows the real world through your viewfinder so the aliens seem to come at you as you aim down the sights.

Call me old fashioned, but why would I prefer 2nd trigger to fire a “stun bomb”  over a simple button on the forend of the gun?

The side profile of the gun, as shown below just makes it look down right confusing:

And what’s with the configuration? Is it a bullpup?  Is it not a bullpup? These are the kind of things that keep me up at night. :P

If they were going for a non realistic looking gun design then they definitely succeeded.  I guess it’s less threatening especially when you are dealing with augmented reality.  I’d duck and find cover, then punch someone in the face if I saw them playing an augmented reality game on a realistic looking AR-15 in public.

It’s interesting how the triggers control those little arms which actually push the touch screen, rather than interfacing with the iDevice directly through the dock port (which I assume they could have done).  Probably a lot cheaper this way though.

Hat tip: ActiveDad


Holy crap that is awesome.

A couple similar lego stop motion videos I posted about:


Interesting looking Wii game for gun lovers:

Looks like an episode of Top Shot (minus the flagrant douchebaggery)

Only $20 at Amazon – HERE